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Who's a YouTuber here? Do you want to hit a goal? What do you on your channel?
I have a YouTube channel myself that I started back in July 12 2022 and have 73k subs now.

I want my silver play button soon >:)
If you're going to return, I suggest making an intro thread and not bragging about how you're about to reach 100k subs this year. It can't be your entire TCaS personality.
You should link your YouTube channel. I wanna see it.
I’ll do it.
I don't understand any of those vids which is prob good for YouTube creators. Old dudes who are even older than they are are prob not the target audience.
I only like about half of them. Everything else gets overly political. My brother is actually a lot better than the majority of that community, which is somehow 90% homophobic. This is why I make sure my brother doesn’t go anywhere near LGBTQ posts. Good thing he isn’t homophobic.
how do you know
When my brother is one of the bigger channels in the geotubing community, Discord becomes a requirement almost. And as his older brother, I get dragged in too. I don’t do it myself, but I’m in a few of the Discord servers. Recently I’ve become a personal artist for some names in the community.

Also my brother isn’t homophobic. He has a ban on homophobia on his own server, which is actually super rare for a server in that community.
are you sure though
Yes I’m sure. Stop interrogating me.
oh by community you mean country balls 😟
What, I was talking about geotubing community. Countryballs are fine. I love countryballs.
What the fuck is countryballs????????? America nutsack????????????? What????????????
You made some of them in The Countryballs thread.
omg one of your brothers videos just has a bunch of italians and the title is misspelled i love this so much
Oh god you’re watching them?
what else am i supposed to do on a sunday night at 11:32 pm
I just googled it is it this shit?????

im batman
Batman, Türkiye? 🇹🇷
I just googled it is it this shit?????

yes but with the flags on their faces
Okay okay like this? Is this the funny?

You are breaking a big Countryball design rule by forgetting to give the USA sunglasses
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