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Who else can't wait for this game to come out? What have you hear about it? Did you enjoy the other Elder Scrolls games? Also who else wants to bet this game will get game of the year status like its last two predecessors?
It looks pretty sweet, but I think it will have a lot of competition for game of the year. Mass Effect 3 and L.A. Nior both have the ability to be amazing games, and Bioware and RockStar both have good track records with awards as well.

I'll be happy is this one isn't as buggy as Oblivion was, and has more voice actors. I'm also hoping that they get better character animations, because the way that the people moved was really disconcerting.
I'm really looking forward to playing it, but, yes, let's hope it has fewer gliches. Bethesda has always made fantastic products, but sometimes those products a filled with one too many gliches that takes away from the gaming experience. I really hope that's something they paid extra attention to this time, if they keep it up they're going to lose popularity.
I also hope the world is more varied. Oblivion felt too much like the same forrest copied throughout the entire map.
That's true. It wasn't very fun to explore it because of that. They seemed to have solved that when they made Fallout 3, though, so hopefully they'll continue to learn from their mistakes.
I'm rather excited, although it is a bit sad that they've strayed somewhat away from the rest of the storyline. The other games were close enough that if you played for a while, you could have a continuous experience of about 30-40 years between the games.

Still, it should be amazingly fun.
Oblivion had very subtle differences in the forests, there were also mountain areas but yes a more varied map, a more detailed map, and better voice actors are what I'm hoping for. May be the only game I actually get near the release date.
I read the article in Game Informer, and I am very excited for this new edition. I also hope that there is more unique equipment, not the same thing over and over again.
Yeah, more equipment would be nice.

I read the other day that NPC's in dungeons won't be leveled as they were in Oblivion but rather lock to the level you were at when you first entered it, I'm not sure what I think about that.
Games I'll be getting nere release date.
LA Noir
Mass Effect 3
Uncharted 3
And maybe Arkham City.

I like the idea of them not scaling to your level. I didn't like how there was no feeling of power progression in the game. Part of what is fun about RPGs, is the feeling of increased power you get when going back to early levels and owning all of the enemies that gave you trouble in the beginning. I didn't like how you could go everywhere from the start, it gave me little reason to need to level up.
The leveling thing was one of the main problems with Oblivion, to the point where you could finish the game at level 2 if you avoided sleeping. That's why all the de-leveling mods became so popular. But some might argue that Morrowind was worse, when players were god-like by levels 20-25.
Hopefully they've been making games for long enough to get it right this time.
You don't have to sleep to level up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so chances are that you will not have to in Skyrim either.
Honestly, I'd kind of miss sleeping. It's just become a bit of a tradition for those games.
Well, maybe Skyrim will have a hardcore mode just like New Vegas does, so you will still have to sleep every couple of days.
They said there might be an ability to cook/prepare food, and possibly a need to actually eat, similar to sleeping. The problem is that there's a fine line between realism and just annoying things that you have to do to keep playing.
Ah yes, people didn't care of the realistic first aid from Metal Gear Solid 3. Just seemed like a pain in the ass after awhile.
Actually, I liked the realistic first aid from Metal Gear Solid 3. It managed to be realistic and not overly annoying or irritating.
Did you find the easter egg in Eva's medical history?
Huh, no, can't say that I did.
All I will say is, they are not real.
Haha, that's not surprising, they are awfully big. :P
yeah i cant wait for this game to come out
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