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I'd like to start up a Magic: the Gathering thread because, well, it's awesome. Anyone here play?
I own some cards, but I never learned how to played. Seems fun.
I'd recommend it. Minutes to learn, a life time of addiction.
i play! it is an amazing game! i made this crazy rat deck that gets me an infinite amount of rats in play. wats your best deck?
I've got a rat deck too that lets me put out 26 27/27s in one turn, but I don't play with it often. Mostly I use a green/white Ally deck.
I just started to play. I've only played two games so far but I did win one. But I think they let me win. So far I like the game, I still get to get my own cards though.
[Who's Boyfriend] I love magic the gathering, and my red/black deck owns, though I much prefer my Phyrexia deck which is green/black is like uber pwnage, yet to use a game with it, bring out my dreadnought and a few minors, maybe throw in a Mirrodin warrior or two, and then spell cast away. I don't lose only ever lost one game, and that was because they used a vampire, life drain deck, and sapped the shit out of my health.
You'd hate my Divinity of Pride deck, it sucks the life right out of you.
I saw a deck that can get someone infinite creatures and mana in one turn. I forget the combonation, but it raped my rat deck. That was one of 4 times i lost with my rat deck ever.
There are some decks that will mill you to death before your first turn; they're not particularly fun :P
I want to make a purple deck....

EDIT (2/3/2011 @ 22:20): I read on the official site that the programmers were considering adding a sixth color, purple, to the game. After reading about it, it seems like a good idea to me. What do you guys think?


And then your opponent plays Haunting Echoes :(
Do people on TwoCans still play MTG? I just started getting into it with a few of my friends and could use some advice.
Bringing back Magic! Woot!
Avid player of EDH and a spout player of legacy. Where my other players at?!
I love MTG. I have a red green deck that is almost impossible to counter unless you have an illegal burn deck.
Isn't this just this?
Yes. MTG stands for Magic: The Gathering. Same thing just different threads.
This kind of confusion tends to happen with popular things.
Lots of people want to make threads about different things. Other people have already made one so people just rename it instead.
*sigh* it's probably really rude to necropost on my first day back, but... Let's see if we can get this thread back to life.
Woo! Yeah I lost all my cards.
Aww, that sucks... I no longer own any of my Pokemon or Yugioh cards, but Magic has always stuck with me.
I'm making a standard rat deck. Or an EDH. I haven't decided yet. I have a 5 color EDH, and a black gain-life standard deck so far.
I'm working on obtaining a few more Consuming Aberrations for my U/B control/mill deck. It was my very first deck, I love it so much :D
Daniel has about a 300-400 dollar angel EDH deck he's been working on for years. It has so many foil legendary angels, it's amazing.
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