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Is it a good game? Bad game? San Andreas or GTA IV. I want to hear what you have to say about when of my favorite franchises.
I always found them highly entertaining. GTA IV had a great story and main character, in my opinion.
Like I tell everyone. San Andreas was my favorite. There was so much you could do. However, the story, characters, and physics of GTA IV where amazing.
I'm surprise no one has hated on this thread yet.

I have loved every GTA game that has come out, starting from GTA III. My favorited would be GTA IV, because of the story line, and overall game play.
I actually have GTA:SA in my PS2 right now. It's the only GTA game I've played so far, and I've completed the story line a few times.
I didn't play the last generation of GTA game because my parents wouldn't let me. I loved GTA: IV though, the story, gameplay and world design were incredible. I tried to go back and play San Andreas, but I got really frustrated by the shooting controls. I'm sure it was a great game, but it doesn't age well.

I also loved Red Dead Redemption, and L.A. Noir looks great, I like that Rockstar is branching out and doing different things. That being said, I'd still love to see another GTA game sometime soon.
Definately one of the more important games of the PS2 XBOX generation the free roam was awesome
The free roam factor was integral to the game's success; but it was their great storyline that made the games classics.
I also loved the fact that none of the main characters did drugs. They fought and killed for a reason.
Literally the only 'gaming' I do, I play GTA:SA.
GTA IV really pulled their stuff together. Of all the sandboxing around I did in that game, the one thing I'll remember fondest is the satirical web pages and radio stations. And, well, pretty much everything in that game is a satire. I think its a brilliant work of art.
I never really liked GTA for the simple reason that I got very, very tired of the constant swearing, which made me think that the scriptwriter may have been a 12 year old boy.
Running away from cops on GTA: Vice City is the most fun I've had in a video game in a long time.
I have to agree that Rockstar is covering a lot of ground. Red Dead Redemption was amazing, and GTA was simply so fun... I'm sad that my PS3 died :( I haven't gotten around to reformatting the HDD yet, but I will eventually. The only data I'm truly saddened to lose is my LBP levels and creations. I can replay everything else.
I have Vice City for the PSP; mad fun. Looks identical to the PS2 version.
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