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Post your art here, suckas.
Here is a picture of Master Chief I drew a while ago.
That's damn good.

This is a comic I wrote and my pal Adrian Choy (from the amazing, over centennial old gargoyle) drew.

That's awesome. Wait, I shall draw something!!
Edit with picture will arive shortly!

Edit: Here it is!
My art.png
That's a really good Master Chief.
HOLY WOW that's good! You should sign it! NICE!

Sorry, my surprise at the talent put me at a loss for words. Chickadee, I really like your Master Chief drawing! Is it signed? Do you still have it?

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It is on my wall. Signed by his left foot. Thanks. (:
I was so excited when I thought you were talking to me >.>
I mostly draw blob-thingies, I'll show you guys as soon as I take a picture.
photo (1).JPG
I draw mushrooms too.
I like to take pictures.
I really like the Vase picture.
I'm glad you like it. My art teacher didn't because it was centered and focused on one object.
Pfft. Hipster.
Haha. I wouldn't describe her like that. Can you be a hipster and like Taylor Swift?
You can if you are being ironic.
Ha, I was just going to say: Edit: not in an ironic way. We listen to it all the time. I don't hate her music, but it gets a bit repetitive. My art teacher is a bit older too, is there an age limit for being a hipster?
Ask Yoko Ono.

Edit: I'm not sure why I said that... I should go to bed.
joetom said:
You can if you are being ironic.
Hipsters are always ironic. Out of principle.
What if they're being ironically unironic?
Central Park Graffiti Black.jpg

Cover art for an album I never finished.
That's real nice, Gorgon. (:
Thanks ya'll. The song it is illustrating was simple and attractive, too. At least in my opinion. Someday I'll get around to finishing that album so the picture doesn't go to waste.
That tree reminds me of an old woman. The individual strands of the leaves resemble thinning hair and the overall shape suggests something feminine, but aged. It's a great piece, no idea if you intended what I'm seeing, though.
Here's something I'm working on at the moment:
spah sappin mah floor wip2small.jpg
I'll be glad when I'm finished, I'm beginning to hate it ;_;
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