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water phoenix




telegram pfp

neet pfp
I like!
Why is there a JoJo version of stop dawn, I actually need it here now
Veeery good.
a05, fake plastic station

mysterious mustached star
My only complaint is that you broke baby bear
i don't know what that means
Ah, at one point the site had different width layouts. The pic extends past the layout of the site. But this is art we're speaking of, so if you fix it, it's no longer intentional and loses all value.
Titan should do mine.

you know i could never deny you a request, licky

By the way green stars is actually 🦠
i cant tell what that emoji is
It's bacteria
SARS-CoV-2 is a virion
Oof on a phone it looks more like green virus. On a computer, blue bacteria.

Yeah It's a virus and it's green.
It looks like green bacteria to me

This is what I see

looks like this to me

we have so much in common, cheese man

i would've really liked for us to be friends :,)
cheese man isnt dead or anything, you can still become friends with him

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