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This game is pretty fun. My highest score is 10,301,737. Try it out and see if you can beat my score.
I just got 270K, it was all right.
That was pretty fun.
Around Six hundred thousand.
I got about 20m, but I played it instead of writing papers for about half an hour.
Just tried it for the first time, got 13.6 Million.
Meh not too hard I got 27.5 million.
Show off.
Not at all just get all the tunnels and make a little wave before each gate so you get double points for jumping instead of just going through it normally. After a while it gets so fast with such a high multiplier that you get points by the millions.
i can play it on the site with my ps3!
I only got 4 million, the jump went all the way to the top....
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