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Huzzah! A thread for posting your favorite art with commentary. Feel free to upload your own original art as well.


Starry Night Over the Rhone - Vincent Van Gogh
My favorite single painting by van Gogh. I also enjoy his Sunflowers as well.
Another one of my favorites.


The Scream by Edvard Munch
This is one I love to study. If one looks, his face is slightly bent and skewed. I believe he shrieks because of the distortion of his own self, metaphorically speaking. The sky contrasting with the blue hues of the rest of the painting is significant, but I can't pin down why this must be significant...

Anyway, nice drawwing.

EDIT: That is WAAAAAYYY too big. I'll get to fixing that.
This is one of my favorites, but I'm no good at artistic commentary.

"Water Lilies" - Monet

I like that one, myself. Haven't explored a ton of Monet. And I'm not much of an art connoisseur either. Actually, I created this thread in hopes of becoming more appreciative of art.
I watched part of a series of lectures on Impressionism that my parents got into, and that was pretty interesting. The art was beautiful. Impressionism is I think my favorite kind. Somehow the Impressionists seem to make their objects feel more real than realists do.
I've always enjoyed Expressionism because I feel it digs down the very center of the human condition and is therefore the most inspiring. Realism, I feel, misses the point in a manner of speaking.

For me, Impressionism also strikes a chord in music (awesome pun intended) and in art.
Indeed. While impressionism and expressionism (from what I've just read about them) are in a sense opposites, I think the two techniques are complementary in that one captures initial reactions and the other delves deeper into the implications of the subject matter.
Twelve Sunflowers - Vincent van Gogh

My favorite out of all of the Sunflowers.

Extremely cheery. For me, there is no deep meaning here. Just optimism. I want to have a print of this in my apartment/house when I move out.
That is cheery.
I've always enjoyed surrealist art. This is called "Mechanical Hibernation," and was done by Ramin Hossaini.


However, my favorite surrealist artist is probably Salvador Dali. "The Eye of Surrealist Time."

Death to World Imperialism (1919)
Artist: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor

I love the style of 1920's Soviet art. It was a great turning point for artistic thinking which lead away from traditional European ideas of what was "high art." It's shocking how fantastic the art, film, theatre, and literature of The Soviet Union was, especially considering how they demanded artists to toil, often anonymously, wholly on propaganda. I have a copy of this hanging on my wall; I like to inspect it as I run (on my treadmill).
I enjoy Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2.
I like "Mechanical Hibernation" a lot! "Imperialism" made me laugh.

Ecstasy - by Władysław Podkowiński

I think I saw a print of this in a really nice bookstore or something, oddly enough. Reminded me of extreme sensual pleasures. On the surface they are beautiful and serene, but on examination they are powerful, carnal, dark and base experiences.
I find this picture to be extremely beautiful.

I also love this picture.
I know it doesn't really fit in this thread, but really, I find this much more beautiful than paintings, it's what I prefer, always. But it's just my humble opinion.
That fits, and I like it. :)
This thread reminds me of Walter Benjamin's Art in the Age of Reproduction and (since he just expands on it) John Berger's Ways of Seeing. Very fundamental pieces in the field of art theory which are themselves pieces of theoretical art, for anybody who is interested in that sort of thing. Berger's book was made into a BBC miniseries during the 70's, too, for anybody who is interested but doesn't like reading.
Way Before Golden Compass

I like a lot of this art here. I think this thread needs a little Frank Frazetta.

I love this man's work, especially this piece.
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