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I don't think there's a thread explicitly for sharing recordings, but I know there are several musicians on here. Do you guys record? Post a link to a song here so I can listen to it instead of writing papers on art theory that are due tomorrow (hypothetically speaking).

Here is a rough recording of St. Peter and My Best Friend's Girl, a song from my upcoming album with Spandrels and Atavisms. It's a single-mic setup in my kitchen, but it's listenable.

That made me happy. I have no musics to give you in return.Please don't hate me.
I would post my Mario Paint Composer song, but sadly, I don't want to.
Then what was the point in saying anything? Seriously?
IN other news: I like that song, it's really good. As soon as I get a chance to record, I'll post something I made on the piano.
I appreciate the compliments; I'm really looking forward to hearing something from one or all of you folks ;-).
Pretty good Gorgon. Unfortunately have nothing to give back as I have no musical ability.
I think I would like it more if I could actually hear the lyrics, Gorgon. I'm not sure if it has to do with my computer's audio settings or just the way you recorded it, but the singing is barely a whisper compared to the music.
It was recorded using a single mic set on the counter in my kitchen. It wasn't intended to be a distributed copy, it was a warm up. It's just the only recording I had on me at the time and I thought it would seem hypocritical of me to ask for copies of other people's music if I didn't provide some of my own first.

When we finish recording the album that song is going on in a month or so I'll dump the mastered version on here.
Yeah, that's kind of what I had figured. I think I'd like to hear the mastered version. Can't wait.
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