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What's your all time favorite? What have you been playing recently? Favorite quotes, moments, music, etc.?
Currently, my favorite is Left 4 Dead, which is all I've been really playing recently except for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: EoD. GLaDOS Quotes are my favorite, and for music, it would likely be tracks from Kingdom Hearts or World of Goo.
Favourite? Hm, just Assassin's Creed in general. Both games were amazing, story was great, the characters' capabilities were great and the graphics made me swoon. The only flaw would have been that the game was too short.
I love the setting and story of the Fallout games. Assassins Creed is also proving to be awesome in both departments.

I'm currently partway though playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Fallout New Vegas and Kingdom Hearts.
I am probably playing too much Fallout New Vegas, considering that I have already done pretty much 2 play throughs and I have Bioshock 1 & 2 that I have barely touched.
Bioshock was good but I refuse to play Bioshock 2. I don't like games that are made just to make more money off of something.
Bioshock: Infinite looks awesome though.
^ Agreed. It has a whole new story. Bioshock 2 was just trying to add on to an already complete story.
Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. on SNES.
Is it no longer good if you emulate it on a different system?
Lately I've been replaying Half-Life 2 and subsequent episodes. I forgot how awesome (and frustrating) they were.
By far, my favorite games of all time are the Legend of Zelda games, the original Pokemon games, Portal 1 and it's mods. Oh, and Portal 2 when it comes out.
Hmm, then I guess it is a good thing I got Bioshock 2 for free, since I didn't really know that.
Can't wait for Portal 2. Two more months.
For story I'd have to say Red Dead: Redemption. Gameplay wise, Halo, hands down.

EDIT: I thought it was February Isaac.
Anyone else excited for Dead Space 2?
I am, Verum. I've already pre-ordered it.
@Isaac: No. Nothing can replace the thick bricks you slid into the SNES.
and trying to blow out the dust when a game didn't work.
I liked super mario world and yoshi's island for the snes, but one day, my mom gave the console away. it was a sad sad day.
I'm saving up so I can buy another PS1 and re-live my childhood through Final Fantasy titles.
I like all the retro games like the original Super Mario Bros., Pacman, Tetris, etc. I also like the new Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bros. My brother used to play a World War II game called Medal of Honor. I got really into that for a while. When I was little I remember playing a game called Spiro with my cousins.
Like Warcraft (Not World of Warcraft), Maplestory, Super Smash Bros Brawl
WoW and SCII.
Assassin's Creed, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Bioshock, FF13, and Portal. I'm so excited for Portal 2.
The best--any GOW. Second, Modern Warfare.
Games I like are:

super mario bros./ duck hunt (childhood treasure)
mario party (all of them)
pokemon 64 (addicted to it)
super mario kart (best racing game ever!)
god of war (all of them)
halo reach (amazing online multiplayer!)
cod: Black ops (zombies is fun)
gears of war 1&2 (love the story and horde modes)
and left 4 dead 1 & 2 (love them lots!)

consoles I own are:

SNES (Restored to turn on right away with no "flashing")
SUPER NINTENDO (I have 2 of those just in case 1 breaks down)
NINTENDO 64 (so much fun!)
PLAYSTATION 2 (pretty much just another dvd player)
PSP (had 3 of them at some point)
XBOX (loved it untill 360 came out)
XBOX360 (can stop playing gears of war and halo reach!)

I'm a bit of a gamer

and i consider my ipod a gaming console due to the fact that i have around 20 app games that i play on a daily basis.
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