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Been a while since a post has been made here.
I was thinking about playing through Treasure Adventure Game again.


Red Dead.
I refuse to play a game where they show an animal being skinned
Not Pleased
Well, I mean it's not like they're alive. It's just a part of hunting.

But I get where you're coming from.
After the microtransactionfest that was GTA Online I won't be playing RDR2.
Fallout 76?

I think I'll rent it before I decide if I want to drop 60 bucks on it. I'm decidedly not sold on multiplayer.
The client for the PC B.E.T.A. deletes all of your game files if you click anything on it. LMAO
Yeahhh, saw that. They extended the Beta tho
True. But I'm definitely not going to be buying anything that is in that bad a state so close to release date. I know they call it a "beta" but the reality is that anything a game company calls a "beta" now is just letting people preview the game before it releases. Especially if you have to put money on the line for access.

EDIT: Apparently it also only supports an 80 FOV, it only supports 16:9 aspect ratio, and the physics engine is tied to the frame rate. Man. I can't believe companies keep doing this to their PC gaming crowd.
I have high hopes for the game. That being said, I don't think I've ever bought a Bethesda game as soon as it came out.

I'll give it a couple months. Maybe after New Years.
You guys do have phones, right?
Nope, or only a landline to carry my intawebz.
Ombra said:
You guys do have phones, right?

God, that was a shitshow. I don't even play Diablo and was angry about that.
I'm the most mad about all of that because we have documented proof (check socialblade) that Blizzard/ the Diablo team is deleting comments and dislikes on their release video to mislead people into thinking its reception isn't as bad as it actually is. I don't know if it's blizzard or a PR firm but someone is paying youtube to delete thousands of dislikes at a time, while leaving the likes intact. It's honestly sickening like i thought you were better than this blizzard
They're just really out of touch it seems.
The actual comment didn't really bother me as much as their inflammatory attempts at damage control.
Fwip said:

Are you asking for context? Or do you agree with Blizzard's decision?
Oh man. Finishing the extra DLC missions in a single sitting is always fun.
I started playing Fallout 4 again. It holds up pretty well, but I will say that the dialogue is definitely more linear. I sort of liked New Vegas' dialogue the most; you build your personality from the ground up, since your character has amnesia.
Ombra said:
You guys do have phones, right?

Still ain't got time for Diablo Mobile

I never did get in on the Runescape craze when it originally came around. Are the mobile controls decent at least?
It's... OK. Still new so they're working on a few things.
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