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Bought Red Dead. First game I've purchased this year. Good stuff.
I'm so completely in love with that game. I spent several hours last night just wandering around and hunting.
JAAAASH. We seriously need you in Vermintide II.
Possibly once I have free time and money.

So, y'know, after I graduate.
I haven't bought anything this year apart from NNK2 and soon Smash Ultimate
Why not wait for the PC port? :-)

Speaking of Smash Ultimate they have a demo up in King of Prussia which is like a hour from me. Mad tempted to go, but there's Hearthstone and napping to be had at home. Also uhh, PLG comes out in like 3 days which I forgot about so that might hold me over for a while if I'm not bored out of my skull. Idk might skip it and just finish Hollow Knight.
Hollow knight was a good play. Solid tone, visuals and gameplay
Otothakay said:
Hollow knight was a good play. Solid tone, visuals and gameplay

HK was definitely my favorite game to come out in the past few years.
I freaking LOVE Hollow Knight. God, what a good game. I need to get back on it and play the DLC and finally beat NKG.
I highly recommend Ori and the Blind Forest to anyone who enjoyed Hollow Knight. It's also really good!
^ Can vouch for that. Can't wait for 2.
I just got a switch, so I've been playing a lot of Mario Kart. It's super good, but I'm excited for Christmas because my roommates and I are hoping for more games. We downloaded Pinstripe, which is pretty good, and Katamari which is ridiculous. We are having some issues with storage though. We have like a 500 GB flash card, but it said once that the save data was corrupted, so we're hesitant using it.
For what it's worth, I've got an SD card in mine and haven't had any problems. Does the SD card have anything on it right now? If not, I'd plug it into a computer, reformat it, and try to avoid jostling it too much. Because you'll definitely run out of space fast without one.
Favorite all time game has to be Hollow Knight, when considering the time I've gotten out of such a low priced game (200 hours, $15 at full price with four free content packs [especially impressive that the developers, including their composer, amount to four people]). A close second is some good old Battlefield 2. Recently, I've tried out Enter the Gungeon. Fantastic as roguelikes go, rivaling Spelunky as my favorite roguelike. I also bought The Surge when it went on sale. Not anything great, but it's been fun. The game has absolutely brilliant level layouts that made me vocally express surprise at how well it was done, and the combat was equally good. Unfortunately, everything else in the game is meh. It looks like the sequel might be solving some of those problems, though. I'll probably buy it.
I have been playing Hollow Knight like crazy lately. I have no idea why I put it off for so long. It's really an amazing game, I've had more fun with this than probably any other game in the past year. Currently suffering through White Palace and the Path of Pain, it is really living up to it's name, or I'm just bad at platforming. A little bit of both probably.
Hollow Knight is pretty great. I haven't played it too much but from what I have played it's a lot of fun, and the sound track is great. I've heard the path of pain is pure suffering tho
Path of pain is pretty hard. It took me a long time to get through, but at no point did it feel unfair. Clearing it gave me a sense of accomplishment that I really haven't felt in a long time, so I highly recommend going through it.
Played through Celeste over the weekend, finished the main game and did one B-side. My thumbs are sore.

I really really liked it. I enjoyed how even when it was very challenging for me, the game didn't feel punishing. I never felt like "oh this is such bullshit," just "okay Fwip, you can do this next time." It's a small detail, but I feel like the music continuing rather than starting over on death (like happens in some similar games) made a big difference to making death feel less bad.
I really need to get my hands on Celeste one of these days, it seems like a really cool game.
I totally agree with the music thing though, but I also think it very much depends on what kind of game it is. I've seen other games do the not pausing or restarting the music when you die thing too, I think Hotline Miami does that if I remember correctly, I might be wrong on that though. But it is the kind of game that should do that at the very least. I think it's important for games where death is common and isn't supposed to be a big setback. Where you just get right back into it and try again. But for games where they want to make sure that death is like a reset I think restarting, or just pausing the music is also important.

tl;dr sound design is important
ah, if you mean the guardians stuck in the ground, you can't. to reflect lasers you need an ancient shield, can be built at one of the professors' labs later in the game, or you can find one from one of the guardian robots in the shrines

Sorry, I need to bring this up again because of how cringe.
Also I still haven't played HK.
Sorry, what's cringe?
Look in a mirror.

Y u do dis?
I really need to get my hands on Celeste one of these days, it seems like a really cool game.

It's free right now on Xbox through Games With Gold, if you happen to have an xbox.
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