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I mean the hot water that needs to cool

He said

if you're into mobile games, i recommend aerox. it's like monkey ball on a phone

i'm replaying it now

it's nice
is that the imprisoned
It's a mossless goobbue (final fantasy 14)
Nice hat!
Eric-616 said:
It's a mossless goobbue (final fantasy 14)

okay what about the rock thing with teeth and eyes behind it
Eric-616 said:
It's a mossless goobbue (final fantasy 14)
*meanwhile I'm playing Kirby Super Star Ultra*
Just started FF14 myself. Got the Myst remaster, Psychonauts 2, and Quake off the ol' pass. Got a lot to dig into lmao
Found this on the newest security breach teaser

mom won't let me play gun games :(

she caught me on tf2 once and was like

"no! gun games bad! >:("
Gun games fun!
Do you want my scratched-up copy of "Army Men: Soldiers of Misfortune" for the Wii? It's one of the few shooty games that the ESRB has rated "E" and uhh. I don't want it.
That generally seems fun but... I have my wii modded to play backups off my SD card
people always complaining that cynthia's garchomp is op has no one ever considered bringing an ice type move?
Or a dragon type one?
ice is x4 against garchomp she's double dragon and ground
Today is Undertale's 6th anniversary!
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