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I remember being obsessed with it when it released. I was 9. Feels like a lifetime ago.
Really, it feels like six years for me
i got into it a while after it came out
yall played undercards?
What’s undercards?
A looong time ago. I doubt I remember the decks I have.
i played the hell out of that in middle school

got back into it sometime during quarantine and dropped it again

i was there for the april fools jevil siivagunner event

it's hearthstone but undertale
sorry for double post but i can't edit my alts' accounts while not on their accounts

should really get patched in

but y'all play the fuck out of garfield kart?

wonky ass physics somewhat patched in the remaster

i will forever associate that game with weegeeplays's speech/monologue about why he dropped out of college that's some of the most 2017 shit i've ever heard

edit: yeah i've played both versions of garfield kart (on pc)

um it is mario kart if mario kart controlled like ass

and with all your favorite most recognizeable mascots and shit
real talk though who's excited for

nickelodeon all star brawl
I really shouldn't have redownloaded rimworld, this is bad for my health.
But you did anyways, are you proud of yourself?
I redownloaded Hitman 2 a few days ago. The game's a whole lot more fun in a suit-only playthrough. The disguise thing is fun but it feels a bit boring. The only target I wanna care about is the primary one.
Is it just me, or when your in an open world game, you just try to take care of the main story then do the other stuff
For me, I'm trying to do all the side stuff first. Saving the world from evil scientists can take a minute, I wanna go save a kid stuck in a fridge for 200 years
HITMAN is definitely very fun. One of my favorite franchises out there. I think the disguises are awesome though, especially since I love to do all the different challenges in a mission. Primary target is cool and all, but assassinating them in as many ways as possible is just as fun.

Oh, and the monumental task of killing everyone in a level is pretty cool to try once in a while. I think I got all the guards out in Sapienza yesterday, but didn't have the time to finish off all the civilians.
My biggest critique of Hitman is how it's barely ever able to really be funny despite how much it tries.
My biggest critique of Hitman is how it's barely ever able to really be funny despite how much it tries.

Clearly you have never killed someone with the wet floor signs.

The humor is in the methods of elimination, but the game takes itself mostly seriously.
Ha, yes, I got a score of zero in Cooking Mama 2:Dinner with Friends
I also think humor in HITMAN is not particularly a main point, so I wouldn't dock it based on that criteria alone. Most of its written humor comes from ironic statements or double entendres, which may not appeal to everyone. Otherwise, the humor would be based upon the ragdoll physics.

In any case, I like bad puns, so the humor is fine for me.
congrations on 3k posts mathy
But you did anyways, are you proud of yourself?

I am not, and neither are the dishes and laundry.
Debating buying New World. Anybody played it?
I saw a picture of an ad of it. The man had a fire eye.
Very helpful, thank you.
Anything for you, my dear.
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