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Have fun, and share your most interesting musical piece things here!

Here's one I made.
Just wanted to see what it would sound like, don't judge me.
I approve.
Macman, I totally made the exact same thing except I had them all pointing up. XD
LOL, mine sounds good!
I've been enjoying this one.

No blocks collide so it is a loop.
Each tone is sounded in perfect, equal beats.
Each loops is distinctly separated by the higher pitched beats.
How long did that take you, Mr. meticulous?
More looping fun.
Not long.
I made a similar one, Soph. I'm not sure if I posted it in the boredom thread though.

It's similar to yours but less dense.
The simple ones are the best.

I took a few minutes to plan this one out. It doesn't look cutesie, but it is super interesting musically (I think).
Mmm, I like that one, Gorgon.

Here's another.
this is fun.
This seems to get increasingly violent as it goes forward.
I like this one.
Linky link
This one has interesting sounds.
It does, and I think it's my favorite one yet in terms of visuals.
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