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Made the 40k thread and now this thread, man am I socially skilled? :D

This thread covers, obviously, all editions.
Ummm... what should we discuss?

I like Pathfinder, but I've only really played that and 4th edition.
Never really played pathfinder, but I've played Third revised, Fourth, and AD&D First

3.5 is my favorite, though DMing with the movement can be a bitch.
I've tried D&D, and I find that it would be a lot easier to play if you had a computer. Too many variables to remember, bleeaaach. It's pretty fun though :P
DnD is something that the more you play, it gets far easier to play and enjoy.

Starting out at level 1 is also a good idea
It's similar to Warhammer from what I gleaned, in that eventually you can recite army lists and write statistics without even consulting the books, in D&D you end up fairly fluent in both game lore and gameplay.
I was in two campaigns up until a couple months ago. In one, I was a Dwarf Fighter, Lv. 4, alignment Lawful Stupid. In the other, I was a Tiefling Rogue, Lv. 3, alignment Chaotic Neutral. I'd have kept playing, but I was banned from the store where those campaigns were being held. So, both of those characters were probably struck by blue bolts from the heavens weeks ago.
How'd you get banned from the store?
They claim I stole some dice and a pack of cards. They had me on video, albeit a very grainy, single angle video. Of course, I couldn't disprove them, so I was forced to leave.
Life's a real bitch
No kidding. Since all but one of my friends still go to that store, I've no one to play with.


I SO wanted to run "Tomb of Horrors"....
^I agree, that sounds like fun.

So... anyone here got any cool dice?
Nothing special; just your standard plastic dice what look like Skittles.
Mine aren't that special, but I like them. I've got a set which are white with black numbers, and one with black with white numbers. I keep them in a little ying-yang bag. Fitting, don't you think?
D & D is a game I've always wanted to try but never found anybody else.
I'm with MikeRich
Well you could try and teach yourselves, just playing with a few friends.

To get a better hand at being a dungeon master and to teach my friends the game, though they already understood the gist of it, I just made a little dungeon for them to play.
Revival time!

Anyway, I'm in need of a back story for a character. He's a human wizard, unaligned. He owns an owl. If anyone could help me with this, that'd be greatly appreciated.
Polymorphed Awakened owl! His familiar was his mating partner when he was an owl!

You can RP some remnants of the owl personality, the moral quanrdy of whether or not he should polymorph and awaken his old mating partner as well, there's the issue of who cast the polymorph and awaken etc

There's loads of stuff to play with in that concept :)
That's an interesting idea. I can't say that I'm all too keen on it, but I might play with the concept a little. I'm a bit of a traditionalist, and would prefer if he were human all the way, but I suppose if part of his back story, he were turned into an owl, where he met the familiar, and their bond continued after he was restored, that could work. Thank you.
That's cool too!

I feel that, for a magical world, not enough situations or backstories involve hilarious magical mishaps.
Would be that the first thread I post in TCaS in ages would be this one :P

My roommate and I recently started a D&D group at my school. We used the Eberron setting last semester but we're going to be doing a longer campaign using Pathfinder all of next year.

I'm considering playing a monk, but I've always had an affinity for roguish classes in pretty much every rpg I've played.
Has anyone played Magic? It is a card game that was formed from D&D
You should make a new thread for that, if there isn't one already.
Well I just said something about it cause I found it funny that it was formed from D&D. The sad thing was that a ten year old told me this. Didn't believe him so I had to look it up and found out it was true.
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