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What musical pieces are you currently practising, whether for exams or performance, on any instruments.

For my school's orchestra we're doing a medley of The Doors and a medley of the Sound of Music for school's speech night.
My school band is working on a few of Cole Porter's classics, as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. I am working on The Wall and Wish You Were Here albums by Pink Floyd at my music school.
I am currently practicing this.
I'm trying to learn Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci. Dayumn, it's fast.
I'm still working on the hornpipe "Matt Smith's Revenge", though I've almost got it completely down. My school orchestra is something else, though. Very simple stuff, the "Pirates of the Caribbean Theme", "Shaker Hymn", and two Christmas tunes whose names I can't remember.
I want to get more hornpipes and strathspeys, though. I like them.
I'm learning "Sequoia Throne" by Protest the Hero on guitar. Intro's a pain in the ass.
jaxxie said:
I am currently practicing this.

That's a really pretty song.

I just finished Petit Chien on piano, but haven't perfected it yet. The original calls for a faster tempo, but this is about the speed I play it at.
Currently I've been working on Mozart Sonata k.311, Chopin's nocturne Op. 9 No. 2, and Bach Prelude and Fugue in C Minor for my college auditions. :) I'm also about to start on a piece by Liszt, so I'm looking forward to that.

In band we're working on Christmas music: Oh Holy Night, Sleigh Ride, and some song called Joyful and Triumphant that I don't really like. Oh, and I'm practicing region music on the French Horn. So I'm pretty busy. xD
currently working on this. my god it's hard. ;)

also learning the kabalevski concerto in C. 2 great pieces :)
Good luck. Just don't expect to sound like Itzhak Perlman. That man is a violin god.

Anyways, whenever I get the time (not often), I sit down and put a little work on this peice.
Not current, but this is the piece we played last year. Rikudim by Jan Van de Roost.

Come Spring, we'll be playing The Divine Comedy by Robert W. Smith, a piece I'm REALLY excited for. Oboe solos everywhere, and it's just so incredibly cool overall.
My old school played the Divine Comedy last spring. It was good; I enjoyed playing it. They ended up doing it for the show this fall.
whenever I get the time (not often), I sit down and put a little work on this peice.

haha i could play that a while back on piano (obviously not with the solo, and it was a slightly different version, but it still sounded cool) :D
I was working on N's Farewell, but I left the sheet music at my grandparent's house. Now I've been working on Davy Jones Plays His Organ.
Right now I am working on Beast and the harlot by A7x and One by Metallica on guitar XD extra challenging :D
I am currently working on getting "Two out of three ain't bad" by Meat Loaf down. These quite brilliant chord tricks don't make it any easier.
^Jim Steinman is a god of song-writing.
Bassoon Concerto in F Major, Op 75, Mvt. 1 and 3 by Carl Maria von Weber.

Both will be cut. I know where I want to cut Mvt. III. For Mvt. I, I will start from the beginning, but may cut towards the end or something. I don't know yet.
You're doing the Weber Concerto? I wish you luck. I've only met one non-professional bassoonist who was capable of playing that.
Our school's music festival's theme this year is love and I was wanting to audition to play a song solo instead of just being in the groups like every other year. So I was wondering what is a love song that would sound nice on a single flute with maybe Piano accompaniment but I'm not sure on that.
Right now, my band is playing Adreniline Engines, Irish Air and Dance, and Monterey March. Adreneline Engines is pretty fun. One of my favorites that we played last year was Ghost Fleet.
We played Ghost Fleet when I was in 7th grade.

EDIT: We may play Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians - Robert W. Smith for our spring concert.
EDIT II: We have a train of possible to-play songs.
Holy crap. That sounds fun. What grade are you in?
That song- Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians- is wonderful. It kind of reminds me of some of Aaron Copland's compositions. Starting at 2:28 begins a sort of western-style feel that is similar to parts of Copland's Rodeo score. Anyway, it really is a nice song.
Grade 12, but my band includes 9, 10, and 11th grade students as well.

EDIT: I should probably make a list of music I've played in my band with links to audio.
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