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I play the flute. I've also done my fair share of piccolo with marching bands, but I don't have a piccolo of my own and now that I've graduated from school I had to give back the school's piccolo that I played.
Captain: Tinwhistles are great fun! I played one in a number in a musical we performed with the school. You would probably have liked it, it was about pirates.
Our band had about 130 marching, not counting pit or drumline. That number includes colorguard, though.
...The sixth grade band alone at my school has 30 flutes and 40 trumpets.
That, Carpe, is a gigantic school.
Carpe... win.
Bro...what school do you go to?
Meowmix6 said:
That, Carpe, is a gigantic school.

Actually, my school isn't all that huge. A bit short of 1000 people. But, our band program is quite exceptional -the other bands in the district have less players than half of our's.

Although, to be honest, I have no idea why sixth grade has so many band students. Eighth grade band has only about 16 trumpets. >.>
Bro...what school do you go to?

Actually, I live in the midwest. School's not that big, but a third of each grade is in band.
That is so odd. We are about a 700 person school and have only a 40-some member band.
Our school has about 1,800 kids.
I played trumpet in my highschool's marching band for four years. This was my senior year:
Daaaang, Fwip. You guys had a big, characteristic SOUND! Heck yeah!
I really enjoyed that Fwip. Very cool.
I love the brass sound... wow! That's awesome!! There's some nice rifle work too ;)
We literally have a 5 person guard. I wish we had more
Yeah ours is 8 (4 of them being rookies)... not much better. =P I adore colorguard and most who join do too!
We used to have a huge (by 2A standards) guard. Don't know what happened.
Seniors graduating? Moving to Cheerleading? Become Drum Majors? That's what happened to ours =(
One of ours is going back to swimming next year, but she joined guard after being on the swim team for a few years and she misses it, which is understandable.
I was informed that I simply must come here.
I march alto sax. And the flag. Whatever I feel like doing that particular parade.
We had a really awful year with really awful staff four years ago and a ton of people quit. That was the end of the large colorguard era.

And yes Amissa, you were wanted by all the marching toucans.
"Marching Toucans" still makes me laugh =]

Welcome amissa! Glad to have you! =]

Meow: That's horrible! We lost 1 to our instructor last year, and honestly it's one of those people you don't mind losing because she caused too much Drama.
It really is too bad. We may lose one next year because of the instructor. It's the instructor that causes so much drama in our band. I hope not though.
Advice? Get rid of the instructor. We got rid of ours and we went from scoring 70s at best last year to an 80 at our most recent competition. I know it's not you choice though lol
We had our good shows and our bad shows; we have never been inherently bad, though. The KY scoring system is really odd, but our final competitions we usually score in the low to mid 90's.
Saddly (and luckily at the same time), she is really good at what she does so the band instructor has no intentions of firing her. We have made requests, believe me.
Oh wow! Our states performance in 2010 was somewhere in the 90s, I think. I know colorguard itself was for sure in the mid 90s, I'm not sure for the overall score though...

All of your bands sound like they're amazing to be a part of =]

Sorry Meow =P
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