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Because eating is a hobby too.
Zinger burgers.

^Those are awful.

Now potatoes roasted in duck fat, garlic and rosemary, that's something to write home about.
A good tonkatsu ramen.
A Tree said:
^Those are awful.


I'm reconsidering protecting Earth.
I was a judge at my school's chef competition last night. It was our school vs another local school, Iron Chef style.

The food was good. I have some low-quality pictures I might upload later, if I feel like it.
Oh my God, this is going to become my new favorite thread.

Pasta. Lots and lots of pasta.
Pasta with pesto.
Pasta with Sirena tuna, olive oil, garlic and beans.
Pasta with my dad's meat sauce and parmesan cheese.
Pasta with broccoli, spinach, sea salt and olive oil.
Pasta with cheese. Any kind of cheese.
...I'm of Italian descent ;_;
Pizza. Oh man, pizza is so good.
hobbaloo said:
Pasta with pesto.

I make this all the time. Is so good.
You know what else is good? Panang curry (Thai dish). Also Pad Thai, or Massuman curry. Scrap that, all Thai food.
hobbaloo said:
Pasta with my dad's meat sauce

I just burst out laughing in class because of that. It's not even a semi-talkative class. It was completely quiet.
Guys, pasta carbonara is delicious! But lasagne will always be my favourite pasta-containing meal.
Then we have fish. I love fish. Especially salmon. I get all sorts of excited about salmon. Unfortunately I don't know enough about English fish names to tell you about other wonderful delicacies from the ocean. I might return some day when I have gathered more information.
And last but not least, I would like to mention lamb. Grilled Icelandic lamb with baked potatoes and rhubarb jam. (Simply because I'm not a sauce person, normal people would want to have some sort of sauce with that.)

Sadly, we don't eat as much fish as we used to since we moved to Sweden. Apparently it's harder to find good-quality fish here than it is on Iceland. And no lamb either, for a similar reason.
I'll eat fantastic amounts of anything you put in front of me that isn't Asian food. I have five servings of chicken alfredo; a large pizza one night and two the next day; a bucket of fried pickles, a large burger, fries, and a pickle; two single cheeseburgers, a quarter pounder with cheese, ten chicken nuggets, and an order and a half large fries from McDonalds are all on my eating resume.

And I still only weigh 145 lbs.
You gained weight! I'm so proud of you.

I love food. This is my new favorite thread. I love the OP immensely.
I have gotten back in touch with my roots working where I work. All these damn northerners eat so little, I figured I'd never touch good soul food again.
Dammmmn, was I wrong. Had the best fried chicken on the planet yesterday, with some greens, some mashed potatoes and some homemade gravy. Shit was SO CASH.
I just had a shite load of chinese food, and I'm already craving more.

I need egg rolls dipped in egg drop soup, honey chicken, General Tzo's chicken, rice noodles with veggies, the fucking doughnuts.
I think the only form of Chinese I could ever stand was the fried rice.
I need lots of fried rice. ASAP.
I wonder whose donuts are better: Tim Horton's or Dunkin' Donuts?
I've never had Tim Horton's because they don't exist all the way down here in hell Florida.
I like anything creative and innovative. Cheese burger with Duck Bacon, poached egg, and Pretzel roll? Yum. Peanut butter chocolate chip bacon cookie? yum. Homemade eggnog? Yeah. Anyone have any ideas?
I'm not sure I want bacon in my cookies.

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Ya know what's good is Indian food. Every time I come home from college, my mom and I go out for Indian food because we're the only ones who like it in my family. That stuff's delicious! Curry and rice, lamb, any type of spice, masala/chai tea, vegetable pakora, gulab jamun, and naan... It's all so good.
Whovian said:
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That looks like a hell of a lot of work for a hell of a lot of Diabeetus.
Garbage plates
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