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I have started this to find out if anyone knows any good MLP fanfics
Sweet Apple Massacre.
Edit: Or Cupcakes.
Sweet Apple Massacre.
Edit: Or Cupcakes.

And no. Just no.
I refuse to read cupcakes. I refuse to ruin Pinkie Pie.
I'm not too much into horror/dark/grimdark
But Rainbow Factory was pretty good
My little Dashie is good too
Sweet apple massacre was the fanfic that put my friend of fanfics all together.
I haven't read sweet apple massacre, is it good?
I read cupcakes I agree I was not a fan of it.
SAM was wonderful. Everyone should read it.
Can I just google it or is it hard to find
Sweet Apple Massacre

Yeah I got about half way through that and nope.
Lmao, just saw all the grimdark horror you guys mentioned and had to laugh, those were all a doozy

I haven't read any mlp fanfic in like forever but I used to read truck loads of it.

Fallout Equestria is *kisses air like Italian man* beautiful
Its so good I even bought a hard copy version.

I've read a little in each genre, if things calm down (and maybe a fanfic club starts up) I could read more.
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oop sorry!
I just saw this on the front page and was like what

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lol true
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