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There's a new one coming out!
The Blue Bomber.
I still think it's hilarious that the Wii Fit lady is a character.
I know! I can't wait! I wanna use Animal Crossing Villager!
The Wii Fit Trainer is just amazing. I love Nintendo's sense of humor, putting her in a game like Super Smash Bros, it's gold. Also, Mega Man.
Bah. This makes me want to get a Wii U. But then I won't be able to use my precious GameCube controllers. ;( I really really don't like Wiimotes.
There's a regular controller for the WiiU that's not the touch pad thingy.
The Pro Controller thing for the Wii U is really well made, I like it.

It has like a SNES remote on the bottom, and joysticks, it's just nice.
Now we can run and jump and shoot and smash!
It's gonna be great. I might just get it for my 3DS though, I'm not sure yet.
It sounds exciting, but I'm not sure if I want the Wii U
I'll be getting the Wii U AND 3DS versions, since I already have both systems. I'm afraid of the abuse mashing buttons is gonna put on my 3DS though :/ I really don't know how I feel about the Wii fit trainer. At first I thought it was a joke. It just seems so gimmicky. Who's actually gonna use her?? Also, is it just me or does Link look really weird? I figured he would look like he does in Skyward Sword.
Yeah, but I think it's pretty cool how Link looks different from the characters. He's all watercolor-y!
He looks good and all, especially the way his hair and chain mail move, but he doesn't look like any Link from any game I've ever seen...
Well now I need a 3DS and a Wii U.
Since SSB is one of the only games I play anymore, I am quite excited. I don't have a Wii U though... Hm...
glowbug said:
At first I thought it was a joke. It just seems so gimmicky. Who's actually gonna use her??
I'll use her if she plays well!
I'll probably user her like 25/8 just because she'll probably be hilarious to play as.

(24 + 1)/(7 + 1)

Yeah, most people don't notice the day and hour change.

It's been like that for about a year.
I am curious what the Wii Fit trainer's taunts are going to be...

Finally found this thread!

Can we please revive it for ssbu?
I'm down. Who's everybody's main these days? I'm still playing Game & Watch.
Also what did you guys think of World of Light/Dark?
I never got around to finishing it.
I still use my main three mains, Link/Zelda/Peach, as well as the clones of those characters. I also use Pit a lot more in Ultimate. The ending for the"story" in world of light honestly had me confused. Like did the universe restart? Is everyone dead and just a spirit now? I have no idea. But the mode itself was pretty fun and playing as master hands was a dream come true!
smash bros is awesome.
Shout outs to the best character, jack frost.
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