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...playing as master hands was a dream come true!

That was a really cool surprise.
Speaking of surprises, who do you think is gonna be the final DLC character for fighters pass #1? I really want Lloyd Irving or Travis Touchdown.
Nintendo really pulled out all the stops for their roster.
I imagine it legitimately impossible to realistically complain about your pick not being in the game.

plus, there's gonna be more fighters after this. The top voted dlc for smash 4 was all added.
I don't know if anyone else thinks this, but I think minecraft x smash bros is definitely possible.
I imagine that they'll try to get in one more indie rep before the dlc fighters end
who do you all main?
Snake/Dark Pit/Fox for SSBU

Fox/Falco/Marth for Melee


About that new ARMS character though...
I just had some great matches with a fellow alpharad plus fan (he had the blue pikmin avvie). He was Mario and would instantly forward aireal anytime I was offstage. I was G&W and I mostly pressed down smash and judge. He ended ended up beating me two matches to one.
I don't know if anyone else thinks this, but I think minecraft x smash bros is definitely possible.

rip kebab but also hell yeah
how about Ronald McDonald for smash?
He'd be so powerful.

And, Mcdonalds did make an employee training game for the DS, so...
Finally, the thread for me!

Okay my predictions are Sora and master core to top it off.

And there's a really good chance for a crewmate Mii costume.

C'mon think about it. Not only is it on the switch, but both pip boy and shovel knight are in!
How's the meta in Smash ultimate? I haven't played in a long time.
if i'm being honest, neither have i. i'm pretty sure coronavirus did a huge number on its community, though at the very least i can't tell since i'm not active in it anymore. it'd make sense though, considering the abysmal state of nintendo's online service. it's not worth it to play that way anymore.

pretty sure palutena's still top tier though, but there was a nerf recently.
Was sephiroth the latest dlc? I bought the thing but honestly just stopped keeping track.
no the latest dlc was xenoblade 2
Oh right. Man I didn't even bother to try that one out.
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