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A game where you can actually build infrastructure, technology, improvements, and make war. Diplomacy is all done on offsite forums. For the political, diplomatic, and just overall interested.
Again, not usually a nerd, but I'm very geekish with this. Come find me. I need friends🙁
Why are you posting so much?
Why do you care?

No I haven't even heard of it, was is it?
Had to edit. It's a game. You make war, build and run your nation. The truly fun part is done off forums. There is where trading, economics, and diplomacy is done. Right now, though, two very powerful alliances (yes, alliances) and their blocs (coalitions of alliances) are at war. It's pretty steamed right now. Very interesting to watch develop.
Sounds pretty sweet, so you create your own city-state or something like that?
hey I was just asking, pretty much all the forum pages I've beem in he commented.
I've never heard of Cyber Nations but it sounds similar to Space Empires V.
I don't know about Space Empires, but old alliances from a game called Nation States converted over to CN.

Yes. You create your own nations. Alliances try to recruit you to join them. You are able to trade with people, give aid, build an army, buy infrastructure. All this improves your nations strength and score. Your nations is adjustable in your form of government (ranging from anarchy and transitional to federal and monarchy.) And then you have religion, ranging from none and mixed to Voodoo and Christianity. Factors such as government type, religion, environment, war, size of military, tax rates, and such affect your population happiness. You can collect taxes and pay bills.

It sounds like a lot, but the game itself takes less than 10-15 minutes. Offline alliance forums, depending on you interest, ranges anywhere from 15, 30, (and very rarely) 60 minutes. Lots of fun. and like I said, perfect for those interested in government.
I would be interested in the game, however I like longer term games. I currently have a game going on right now that has lasted 10 hours in player's turns alone. Each turn is about 1-2 minutes. If there are longer games I would consider looking for the game to purchase.
What do you mean by longer games? Not quite getting that. And CN is totally free.
Oh really? In that case I will probably play that sometime then.

Longer games such as games that could last for days on end.
Well, this game never really ends. You can be in the lead, but never really win. It's like the world: the US may be ahead in some places, but it hasn't won.
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