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What do you guys do to keep in shape? Or if you're not in shape (like myself), do you have a plan to get in shape?
I used to bike between 10-20 miles every other day. Now I mostly do nothing, eat when I want to, and hope desperately that my metabolism stays as high as it seems to be.

I would like to gain muscle mass, but I'm lazy. So I don't.
I'm incredibly lazy. If I can find a punching bag of some sort, I'll exercise with it. Otherwise, I'll occasionally buy a piece of furniture at Good Will for about $10 and some friends and I will destroy it with things like crowbars and hammers. That's always exhausting.

In addition to being violent and destructive, me and my friends created the DBA or Driveway Basketball Association. It's 8 teams, each with four or five players, and we have a 40 game season (games are played to 30, win by 3).
In high school I was a swimmer, so that kept me in decent shape. Haven't been in the pool since though, and I really should get back into it. I lack goggles and caps, and I've been too cheap to buy some.

These days I have a gym membership and I try to make it three times a week. Sometimes I run on the treadmill, but I'm a hopeless runner, so my main form of cardio is usually Zumba class. My favorite class is probably Body Pump, though. Weight lifting to music, and you're in control of the amount of weight you use.
I bike to and from work, about 8 miles total a day 5 days a week. It is really easy to exercise when it is also transportation.
I did judo for a little while, but unfortunately my club shut down a few months ago.
I've been meaning to start running or something, but I haven't been able to find the time (and sometimes motivation) to do it. But I'm hoping to join a sports team this upcoming school year.
I try to run, but I'm lazy.
I ran Cross Country starting in middle school and all through high school, then there was a running club I was in two semesters ago before it shut down. Now I'm kind of a lazy ass who's slowly gaining a gut. This makes me sort of sad, but running alone is hard.
I'm going to guess that you're looking to get into shape? When I was in high school I ran and I wrestled. To some degree, I found both enjoyable. I also lifted, but that's a different type of shape. I've always found running and swimming as my best ways to stay in shape, swimming more desirable if joints are sore. I also have a heavy bag for sparring practice, and that gets exhausting quickly. I'd also consider sparring at a local gym, boxing or mixed martial arts.

When I tried to be in shape, I also focused on diet. I'm not a vegetarian, but when cutting weight I'd focus on a vegetarian diet. Different goals require different diets though. Junk food is the first thing I cut out though. That's pretty obvious though.
I've gotten really out of shape. I have a gym membership, but I never go. I always feel awful about myself at the gym. I don't know... Maybe I'll find the right activity for me, but I just hate everything right now. I used to like all kinds of exercise, but starting over from zero is just something I'm dreading.
I know that feeling. I like lifting, but I hate restarting from ground zero. I pulled my hamstring last year, and I'm kinda afraid to start again because I'll be really weak/out of shape. For me it becomes a judgmental thing, a perception I have that others care about how much or how little I do. I on't think that's really the case though. Maybe it'd help if you could find a group of people around the same fitness level as you, and work with them. Being in a group always seems to take away some of the pressure for me (unless the group is way better, in which case I feel way worse again).
Yeah, I got a neck/shoulder injury while lifting a few years ago, and haven't really been doing much since. I do lift with lighter weights sometimes just to keep things moving, but it doesn't really yield any benefits in terms of what my actual fitness goals should probably be.
I've gym'd a little bit (1 week trial) and I liked the routine. I am overweight but not enourmously so, and [genetically?] stronger than I ought to be given that I sit at a desk and type all day. In other words, I've been able to ignore fitness for a long time.
I, like Meow, was once in shape. Now I'm just thankful for a great metabolism.
I run, I dance, I gym and I walk my dog :)
I sit in my chair on my computer and hope that things get better. Also, I bike every so often and have to help out my family with chores and work.
I've been thinking about taking up fencing. Does anyone know how much the equipment costs?
Looks like $100ish will get you started.
Thanks! That's not too bad!
About to start forcing myself to go to the gym every day starting tomorrow. Wish me luck!
That's creepy. I am as well. Good luck Scoggles.
Anyone else get fit from couch potato position before? How did you get started?
Figure out how to send your metabolism into overdrive. Voila!
Scog: Run. Just run your ass off.
I just discovered Ingress. Should I not get bored of it in a week, it'll give me a good excuse to walk around campus when I don't have to.
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