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Or even casual. Anyone here partake in any of the titles?
I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and some others and I are trying to make a Smash Bros. scene.
Just wondering if anyone here has experience playing competitively or has some stories to tell.
I almost reached a competitive level this last year. Two of my roommates and I would practice nearly every day for hours on project M. I looked at tournaments in the Midwest. Are there no tournaments in Hawaii?
I'm actually not sure where to look. The only major Smash community I know of is Smashboards; is there somewhere to look for specific tourneys there?

What stopped you from going pro this year? Daily training sounds like you could at least be ready to test the water. Who do you main in Project M? I play Olimar. Haven't actually heard anything about his play in Project M. Classic Brawl for me.
I dislike Olimar. People who are good with him are Really good with him.

My main is Pikachu. The Green Ninja one, specifically. I don't play competitively, just among friends. My second best, for whatever reason, is Ganondorf.
I play everyone; typically when we would practice we would go on random. In Melee I played Marth predominately. If I went pro, I'd probably go with DK, or Mario. We could have entered tournaments, and we could easily win local ones, but actual nationals and stuff, we're low tier. One of my friends went against the 69th ranked player in the world though, which is cool. He actually had shots with Mango at Apex. If I postpone Europe, I'll probably go to Apex.

Olimar is weird. When ranked by professionals from 1-10, he had the largest variance.

Gano is in my tops as well, along with Falcon's knees.
I can't play Falcon at all. Or Fox or Sonic. Some characters are too fast for me to keep up with.
Are you playing on Project M or on Brawl?
I'm good with Link and Fox.

Sorry -- I have only played casually, so that's all I have to say. Haha.
Inigo said:
Are you playing on Project M or on Brawl?

I have no clue what Project M is.
Project M is a user mod. It takes Brawl, and adds melee characters, and makes the game run at the speed of melee, which is substantially faster. I'll find a good competitive match, and link it.
Does it remove the Brawl-only characters or can you play those as well?
They are still in. There are over 40 characters. Plus, there are stage mods to add stages.


Characters also have new move sets, to make them more viable competitively.
That's cool. Too bad I almost never play these days. Actually mostly me and my friends play the original on the N64.
So here is a link to a competitive match. I play N64 a bit, but not much. I'm probably above average, but my roommates are competitive level at N64, so, I don't win ever. Pokemon Stadium minigames though. I got that stuff down.
I played a lot of Brawl and Melee, but I was never good enough to play competetively.

I'm planning on picking up Smash 4 and playing competetively, though. I don't think there's a big competetive environment in Norway, but that doesn't mean I can't make one!
I played a ton of Smash in college, but I was never at a competitive level. One of my friends was substantially better than the rest of us and probably could have been. In Brawl I mained Diddy, and in Project M, I main Lucas.
Anyone watching gameplay from SDCC?
You have to have a certain feel for Olimar, I'd say. His weight and dependency on Pikmin means that even the tiniest mistakes can easily cost you stocks. I think he could be second tier, but his learning curve is too high.

I've only recently started practicing competitive Melee, and I'm currently maining Marth. Sadly, I told myself I would main Captain Falcon no matter what because he's just fun to use, but he's way too fast for me, and I keep accidentally using side B for recovery, but it doesn't work in Melee.

I would play competitive N64 if I hadn't lost my copy of Smash Bros. It seems more fun than Melee.

There's no way I won't play Smash 4 competitively, but it's clearly not on the same level as Melee, so it probably will have a small following like Brawl. Does anyone think that Brawl's fanbase will die off when Smash 4 comes out? It was made competitive, but it's not a competitive game.

Ombra, what's SDCC?
I pulled out melee today.
The disk was scratched.
That's literally the worst news I've heard all week.
Ombra, what's SDCC?

San Diego Comic Con. There was a Nintendo Treehouse with a Smash 4 3DS tourney and some more misc Wii U gameplay. It seems the tides have turned greatly for the heavy characters. Finals was a Bowser ditto. However, it was only the E3 build, things very well could have changed since then.

In other news, good ol' Soccer-eye announced a Smash tour in Japan which will feature gameplay of the final release of Smash 4 (3DS). Expect the full roster to leak sometime soon.
I want to stay spoiler free, but at the same time I want the latest smash news. The next few months are going to suck.
The 3DS tourney was really cool, though, ignoring the technical difficulties and strange decisions. I'm looking forward to playing as Bowser, and I can't wait to play the hell out of the game.
Just happy their giving a buff to the "shitty" characters from Brawl. Now I just need to wait for my main to be confirmed to return and check out the glorious buffs she is getting.

Jigglypuff is going to return right? They can't just remove someone off the original roster right? Right?
Jiggleypuff probably isn't returning. Pokemon has gotten all four of its slots filled (Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Greninja).
Well there's no code of conduct saying only four Pokes can make it in.

What I am sure about is that Snake will be cut.
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