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For anyone who has DevPro or players on DuelingNetwork(Why?). If you have the original Ygopro then kill it with fire and install DevPro.

I go by DartCrimsonFeld on DuelingNetwork and Dart_Feld on DevPro.

I play a wide variety of decks and keep up with the meta and I largely don't play tier 1 decks.
My main 3 decks right now are Constellars, Yang Zings and Hieratics, but I love being a degenerate scumbag and play Dark Worlds every once in a while.
I don't have, sadly.

Mostly, i build my own archetypes. I think using the ones in the game, like six samurai and such, takes away the fun of customizing a deck.
See I don't understand that. I have a friend who says a similar thing. Something about cookie cutter decks and the archetype telling you how to play it. No offense to anyone out there that says the exact the same thing but that's possibly one of the stupidest things i've ever heard.

I wouldn't play such a game if that was the case but whatever.

I would be interested in seeing your unique decks though Aust.
Hmm... i see it as this. The archetypes have all these cards that only work for each other and don't work without the other. Not all are like this, but many are. So much, to the point that trying to build a deck anyway besides what is played before you is ineffective and pointless. After experimenting and trial, i have found that doing anything but what is already decided for it, out what someone else figured out to be best, is pure stupidity. That's why i just build my decks around ideas and goals, not archetype names and effects.

So far, my favorite deck is my black luster soldier ritual deck.
There have been many non archetype or fusion of archetype decks that have made into tier 1 or even tier 0 decks. Last year HAT/HATE was a thing and now this format Shaddolls/Burning abyss and Burning Abyss/Lightsworns are a thing. I'm not sure which archetypes you're talking about but there are several archetypes that have key cards that have no problem supporting other types of decks.
I understand, but my point being not their effectiveness to work with other decks, i myself made a few (lightsworn/Dark). I'm talking about how fun it is to build and play. That's what I'm looking for in the game.
There's plenty of that in the game.
I know. I'm not arguing that, i was just giving my own usage on our. I, personally, don't find making our playing archetypes that fun. I prefer making decks from straight up scratch.
Ah. Well I don't have an efficient original deck in my deck list right now but if you're ever down to duel then let me know.
I'd love to, but i don't have anything to duel online. Computer sucks.
This died quickly... here's hoping to prove joining!
hell. oh
hoping to find a good community
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