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At one point they managed to mess with the key bindings and then get stuck at the character select screen.
If a Black Knight drops its weapon for you, don't use it. You just got very very lucky, and that weapon will destroy anything resembling difficulty.

Ladies and gentlemen, after a long fight consisting of cautious jabs with a rapier, I have killed my first Black Knight.
And I has his sword. >.>

Edit: After a few more hours, finally rung the bell. After getting ganked by a player and ultimately pulling out the above mentioned sword to wreck revenge on the poor soul who dared next cross my path.
Bump. Dark Souls III tomorrow comes out worldwide tomorrow. Anyone else picking it up?
Already have it pre-downloaded on my XBone.
Predownloaded through Steam. I am going to try to co-op it with a friend so hopefully the password/soapstone system is good enough to play together most of the time.
Picking it up tomorrow. I'm perfectly torn between sorcerer and deprived.
Assuming it functions like the old games, starting class shouldn't matter too much.
Depends. If you're trying to min-max out a certain build, your starting class is pretty important. The starting gear is also pretty significant, because some of the items might not otherwise be obtainable until a later area, possibly? That latter part I doubt, though. Otherwise if you're just going to be a more general-approach character, then probably not.
I'll rephrase. Starting class shouldn't matter unless you're creating a min/max build for PvP. If you're playing through the game for the first time and decide to pick up magic on a class that starts with 1 INT, you're probably fine.
Got my collectors edition early, so I could start playing 12 hours before release. Felt pretty good.
Also the game feels great.
I'm having so much fun with Pyromancer. I've barely even scratched the surface of the game and I love it.
I've been running a quality build (even split between Strength and Dexterity,) and I've been having a lot of fun with it. Has anyone else fought the Curse-Rotted Greatwood yet?
That's the guy I'm currently stuck on.
I managed to take it out first try, right now I'm getting my ass kicked by another boss.
He took a couple tries. ^^ I'm doing a strength build, and might dip to sorceries. It started out as a joke, but I'm playing through the game as Richard Nixon.
I went Sorcery.

Also goddamn the Abyss fucker feels impossible solo with a sorc build. I never call in backup 1st playthrough but I'm pretty close to.

Edit: Didn't call in backup. I equipped my butter knife with magic and threw out a couple casted Greatswords and sliced away.
Abyss Watcher was where I was stuck earlier. Figured out a good strategy for him, though.
I cheesed Pontiff Sulyvahn so hard.

Also Yhorm the Giant has one-shot me twice and I'm dealing basically 0 damage to him. This gun b good.
I just completed my first playthrough. Man that was so great.
Man y'all so fast.

I just reached the Cleansing Chapel in the Cathedral of the Deep and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm doing things right. Before this point I'd get brutalized by even the simplest enemies. Now I feel like I can take on even a couple at a time and survive. I'm loving it.
I just cleared out the Catacombs. At 1AM I stepped into the Smoldering Lake, saw that midgar-zolom-esque fucker and said "to hell with that" and called it for the night.
I'm just through the Catacombs as well. The enemies in this zone are pretty tricky so far.
Wormwood said:
Before this point I'd get brutalized by even the simplest enemies.

What I've noticed is so many of the mobs/mini bosses are a lot tougher than other souls games, but the bosses are a tad easier. Feels like it's keeping the difficulty pretty consistent, which I enjoy and appreciate.

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Except for Aldrich. Fucker resists magic. Going to have to temporarily find/equip some good pyro spells and a non-crystal sword.
Just hit the Abyss Watchers. First time I've felt that my deaths were unfair.

Turns out I'm just bad at figuring out that one of them attacks the other two.
Yeah the third dude that summons after a while is pretty pivotal in that fight.

Just finished up a few minutes ago. What an excellent game. I came to respect the varied environments more after Bloodborne.
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