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Is he from DS3, (Dark Souls 3 right?)
Nah he's the tutorial boss in OG Dark Souls.
So I've completed all the way to Ceaseless Discharge in the remaster and I'm in the midst of exploring the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith through the shortcut. I'm super glad I put points into Faith so that I can Lightning Spear this respawning Titanite Demon to death. I've been having SO much fun with this game. NG+ is gonna be wild.
I decided to challenge myself in the Remaster. I'm attempting to complete every achievement except for Enkindle. I'm most of the way through the base game, with only the Demon Firesage, Centipede Demon, Bed of Chaos, Gwyndolin, and the DLC bosses to go. The only usable bonfires are those associated with a Fire Keeper and the dragon covenant bonfire. I'm running a sorcery/dexterity build and honestly it hasn't been too tedious so far. I did discover something interesting, however. If you respawn somewhere other than a bonfire, the game does not replenish your estus. This is true even if you are summoned and help the host kill the boss.
It doesn't replenish your Estus but if you successfully help kill a boss it WILL replenish all your spells. So, if you're hurting for healing, put enough points into Faith to attune Heal if you're willing to break your Spellword build. It definitely helps.
I only had an issue with it during the Duke's Archive, and even then only because I got summoned and it cut my estus down to 5. I just burned humanity to deal with that. However, I am going to grab Velka's talisman and enough faith to at least use heal if I feel like I can spare the attunement slot.

I'm not looking forward to DLC though. I'm not sure where it's going to drop me when I die. Running all the way to Manus from Firelink would really, really suck.
You mean when you die as a summon? It drops you just the same as dying per normal, you just don't lose anything. So the last bonfire you rested at, even if it's "outside" the DLC.
When I die period. I'm not sure whether being teleported to the DLC area is the same as being teleported to the Duke's Archive bonfire.

However, I found out I don't need to do the DLC for this, because none of the DLC bosses or items count for achievements.
I mean, I've got a character I can test it on. Gimme a few minutes to wake up and I'll go test it for you and @ you in Telegram with my results.
I am very close to my goal. I need to grab one more Soul of Sif and turn it into the true greatsword of Artorias, then I'm done.
Those effing ghosts in Londo can get fucked.

I picked up the game like 3 weeks ago for 15 bucks and my roommate and I have been switching off after deaths. It's fun that way but he also isn't working right now so I've been missing some of the learning curve.
Aaaaaand.... Done. This wasn't actually that bad.
I'm so proud of you.
New challenge is SL1 with item randomizer on. Right now I'm at gargoyles. I have the rite of kindling, which I found on a corpse in Undead Burg. Asylum Demon dropped the Mask of the Father. My sore spot right now is Titanite Shards, since the blacksmiths only had two each, and I found three on the ground somewhere.
Has anyone checked out the bleeding mod for DS1? I’ve been considering trying it.
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