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So I started playing this game about a month ago and I am absolutely hooked. So much so that some friends and I are even making a series about it. Do any of you other two canners play this game?
I have not, though I've considered it.

But there have been a lot of mixed things said about it; what about the game has got you so enthralled?
I play obsessively.
It probably helps that I have a squadron of guys to play with basically whenever I want, but other than that it's like DnD in space. Also, the asthmatic is beautiful. And the story (if you are willing to read a bunch of text, but some friends and I hope to change that soon)
Thread necromancy because I know Coldfrost and I play, but I'm interested if there are any other Zombie Nerds/Space Edgelords/Magic Crayon Eaters on this site.
I played a lot back in the House of Wolves and Taken King days, if that counts.
They recently brought back King's Fall. It's good.
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