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I'm surprised no-one has made a thread for this game yet!

I've been having a blast with this game. Nintendo handing over the reigns of level design to us amateurs is a really cool concept. So far I have been having a lot of fun playing some of the more difficult stages I've found online, as well as the 100 Mario challenge.

Feel free to share your levels in this thread. This is the only one I've made so far, based on finding out you can hold springs while wall jumping.

Save the Spring!
I think part of it has to do with the fact there's like no one one here most of the time.

And I don't have a WiiU.
I really want this game, the costumes look so cool! From what I've seen in videos and stuff, there are loads of cool details and neat things in it.
I got to play it once last week. I'm mad that I don't get to go back and fix up the level I made, it was pretty good but it could do better in some spots ARGH.

If you're curious, it was AD53-0000-004D-5CF7
I've played my roommates copy a few times, I just don't like the fact that they make you wait to unlock all the other backgrounds and building materials. That kind of turned me off of it.
I played your level, Spore. It was pretty good. I am really glad the difficult jump is at the beginning rather than the end, because it would be a lot more frustrating to get all the way to the flag only to die over and over.
Even then, the amount of times I watched people try to make that jump is a little annoying. Its difficulty IS a little out of place, I feel...

But glad you like it!
I think people tend to give up on levels way too quickly. No one had beat your level yet, and no one has beat mine either. It's mildly frustrating.
Have either of you played Ross' levels? He's pretty much a sadist through and through.
No, I'll look into them now.

Made a new level featuring both of the glitches I know about the game. You'll want to Google the invincibility glitch before attempting it.

Glitch Abuse
I apologize in advance for the massive post. I didn't have time to write a short post, so I wrote a long one instead.

I just moved in with someone who has this game. Here are some of the levels I've made. They're not all good, because there's a learning curve to level design. These are in the order I made them, so yeah. I'd appreciate all feedback, especially constructive negative feedback (even if it's super nitpicky like you wish a coin was one block lower).

Also, I've put some comments on suggestions on the posted stages a bit later. However, I have some pretty strong opinions on what constitutes a good stage in this game. So if you don't want to hear that I think your babies are ugly, I wouldn't read ahead that far.

First level I made. Felt really clever at the time, but I saw how many people had done it since and felt much less clever. It violates a ton of the guidelines I now try to follow when designing levels. And, in true metroidvania form, it has plenty of room for sequence breaking.

Too Spooky
Has an unexplained mechanic for a puzzle, so that's pretty bad.

A Boy and His Yoshi
Has some issues with parts of the level being able to be completed in unintended ways. I'd probably rearrange it and remove the fire flower in the beginning to solve these issues if I were to redo it. Still, it's probably one of the more tightly designed levels.

Uncage the Beast
It's okay, but somehow I don't like the feel of it.

10 Pipe Piracy
I felt pretty clever when I thought it up. Turns out it's pretty uninspired and probably has been done a thousand times over. Plus, if this is actually what you were looking for in a game, you wouldn't go to Super Mario Maker for it.

Curse of the Black Flag
I felt pretty good about this level.

Toad said:
Save the Spring!
You use mechanics that aren't widely known with no introduction and not even a clue as to figure out how to carry the spring through the level. How is it surprising that no one's beaten the level? You're not there on my couch to tell me how this mechanic works.
If you're curious, it was AD53-0000-004D-5CF7
Too difficult. I was able to beat it, but I did so out of a sense of pride and not because I enjoyed it.
Toad said:
Made a new level featuring both of the glitches I know about the game. You'll want to Google the invincibility glitch before attempting it.

Glitch Abuse
Same issue as your first level, but now only doubled. Also, what happens if it gets patched?
Have either of you played Ross' levels? He's pretty much a sadist through and through.
His levels are terrible. I maintain that anyone can make a hard level. The hidden power ups that make it so that only he can beat it are even worse. Pac-Mario's pretty novel, but too easy and relatively poorly executed.

Here are some suggestions for anyone who is making a level. They're guidelines for what I look for when I'm playing a level. The more of these you do, the less likely I'm going to skip your level. I can only speak for myself, but I imagine at least some of these things are true for others. Remember, I'm taking time out of MY day to play YOUR level, so you should take the time to make YOUR level worth MY time. It's a buyer's market for levels.

  • Take time to name your stage. It's the first thing I see regarding your stage and it can also serve as a pretty good indication of how much effort went into a stage.
  • Use coins. They point out where someone should be going, add flavor and color to the level, and help one get 1-ups during the 100-Mario challenge.
  • Use arrows where appropriate.
  • Remember that people have to restart the level if they fail. This isn't Super Mario World where there are checkpoints. Give people power-ups before difficult sections.
  • Lower the difficulty. You just spent a whole bunch of time (hopefully) building your level. You know where all the tricks and secrets are and figured out the exact timing of that jump. If, after all that, you can't beat it in one or two tries, it's probably too difficult.

  • Don't force someone to do any jump, fall, etc. where they cannot see what they are landing on (or not landing on).
  • Don't have anything that will automatically kill someone within the first 3 seconds of the level.
  • Don't lower the time limit without a good reason. Why would you want someone to rush through your level? Presumably you put time into it so let someone else take the time to enjoy it.
  • Don't use sound effects without good reason. They're generally annoying. The dance party is the worst and, unless your level is stellar, I'll leave your level without a second thought when I see it.
  • Don't use a mechanic that isn't widely known. If you do, introduce it first.
  • Don't block the exit to the level. It's stupid and annoying and I want to triumphantly enter that castle after finishing a level (and usually a shoddy one at that) and climbing down that flag pole. If you are going to block the exit to the level, put a substantial amount of effort in the way that you prevent me from exiting the level so that I go, "Oh! How novel!".
  • Don't force someone to kill theirself if they fail to activate some switch or get some power up or something. It's demeaning and reflects bad level design.
  • If you disregard the above suggestion and have something that can force someone into a state where they have to kill themselves or reset, for god's sake, don't force them to reset. Provide a way for them to kill themselves.

Also, auto-levels are stupid. If I want to play one, I'll go to the top rated ones (that's pretty much all there is for top rated levels).

TLDR: Please play my levels and give feedback. Also, I really wanted to, but I didn't like the levels posted here.
Hey Legume, are you familiar with SMBX? It's a Mario fangame with a level editor and a thriving level creation community, and because the engine allows custom graphics and scripting there's room for even more creativity. I feel like it might be right up your alley.
Not familiar, but it sounds sweet.
Our new boss is super hard working, integrity guy I like his style of leading from the front. Anyway he was super excited about Mario Maker coming out so he changed all our shift position icons to something from Mario.
Well I just got this game. I have to work in 3 hours as of this post, with no sleep of course. I actually don't know where the time went, but I'm having a blast.

Also made a level: 6A70-0000-00A6-773F

It's my first one so any critique is appreciated. I tried my best to make it a fair but moderately-difficult level (though I think it's on the easy side). Made sure that if you mess up some parts you can always retrace without restarting.
If you guys think Super Mario Maker is cool, just wait until you find out about this awesome new game 4 years in the future called "Super Mario Maker 2"
I really wanna get Mario Maker 2, but I have no money and I forget I have a Switch a lot of the time because all I own is Cave Story+.
All I own is the 3ds version of Mario Maker. It has its charms, despite lacking several key features of the original.
I also have the 3DS version, but I haven't opened up my 3DS to play in over a year. For a while after then, my only outlet for level building was LittleBigPlanet 3, but it's frustratingly bad. There are a ton of fun tools and you can do all sorts of things with them to make almost anything you want, but tons of bugs lead to your profile being corrupted, and forcing you to delete every last level you hadn't uploaded yet.
I didn't have a wii u, but I would play the 3ds. I wish people would stop saying that Super Mario Maker 2 is the first mobile Mario Maker.

Speaking of which there's a thread for that one too.

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