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Does anybody else here like this past time? Or is it just me?
Oh, you know, I dabble...
I enjoy the solidarity, but I'm not sure what's going on a lot of the time.
Though it makes good money.
I've been communist in the past, now I've decided that it won't work... because it never DID yet. People are not that sharing as we hope they'd be. Man likes to see the result of his handywork go mostly into his pockets, and doesn't mind a few crumbs getting lost to taxes.... so not revolting yet, but would have a few years back because the world is super corrupt.
This person wasn't here for our revolt, methinks.
To say the world is corrupt is to presuppose an imperfect human place respective to some kind of higher existential perfection in a less than trivial naturalistic sense.

I take that presupposition to be a crock of $#*!.
Personally I prefer fascist revolts.
if it's fascist then by definition it's not a revolt.
But it is revolting
Sundog said:
if it's fascist then by definition it's not a revolt.
What if the fascists are revolting against an already established system, during the time they take it on wouldn't it be a revolt? Or is it only fascism once they claim the power? This is an actual question, I actually don't know how that would work.
Fascist rhetoric BY DEFINITION is an appeal to 'restoration' of the establishment. Sometimes it is the case that fascists regimes gain power in fact through revolt, but they never come out and say it.
Yeah, it has been a while since a good communist revolt.
yay! communism!
Yes this is good forum Comrade!
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