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I'd hope they'd include them, but I seriously doubt I'll watch it either way.
#5 Red Vs Blue (2003-Present)

Don't know if a web series should count, but it's my list. A show that should absolutely not be anywhere near as good as it is. RvB has some of the funniest conversations ever put on screen, orgininally just using Halo multiplayer to film. Jokes come faster than almost any show I've seen. There's also a big heart under the jokes. Love it.
You ever wonder why we're here?
It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it?
#4 Futurama (1999-2013)

10 years ago Futurama would have been my number one. I'd watch the odd episode with my dad when they were airing, but I didn't really watch them all until high school or college when they would air on Adult Swim. Futurama's always connected with me more than the Simpsons ever did. Original and hilarious and at times soul crushing. Jurassic Bark remains to this day the most heartbreaking television episode I've ever seen. Thinking about it makes my eyes well up. That's pretty impressive for a show about a moron who got sent to the future. It's a truly special show.
I'd agree with you on Jurassic Bark
#3 Archer (2009-Present)

We now come to the show I've seen more than any other animated or live action. I'd wager I've seen Archer all the way through between 25 and 30 times. It's unique in that I don't actually have to watch it to get everything because the dialogue is so great. I have it on in the background all the time when I'm doing basically anything and I can see everything happening without actually seeing it. It's a pop-culture extravaganza. It boggles the mind how good the dialogue and conversations are in the show considering everyone records alone. The jokes are constant. The one thing holding Archer back from the top 2 is it's cynicism.
we're getting to the real juicy stuff jrob

can't wait to see how it concludes

this is like watching peak nathaniel bandy at work
Ah yes, Nathaniel Bandy
every fucking time
#2 Adventure Time (2010-2018)

My daughter and I started watching Adventure Time when she was five or six. It's so special to us. It's so wonderful, so funny, so sweet and so sad. The characters are so great. It's so ambitious and weird. We still haven't watched the last season and a half because we don't want it to end. That's how great it is. It's a silly kids’ show, an epic fantasy, a stoner’s dream, and one of the best animated series of all time.
Bro I Read One Of The Comics One Time It Was Lit
Haven't read them, but the show is incredible.
#1 The Venture Bros. (2003-2020)

The show started off as just a Jonny Quest parody. It became the greatest superhero universe put on screen. Admittedly the first couple of episodes are shaky, but by the end of season 1 the show is running full speed. Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer take about a year-and-a-half to two to write each season for a very good reason. The depth of every character on the show is insane. The amount of backstory that everyone has, the amount of lore that's in the show is incredible. The pop culture references come fast and often. It's dialogue is absolutely top notch. It's hilarious and sad. Every episode is a great adventure even if they're just sitting at home the whole time. But the number one thing about the show it is it's heart. It's a show about failure. But it's how the characters deal with failure that makes it so special. I made a reference to another show doing what Rick and Morty does better than what Rick and Morty. This is that show. In fact Rick and Morty has taken a bunch of ideas from Venture Bros. But while Rick and Morty is at its heart pretty mean spirited, Venture Brothers has allowed its characters to grow and sees there is nobility in failing. Season 4 may be my favorite season of television. I was so completely crushed when AS cancelled the show after 17 years last summer. Unresolved no less. It was the most painful cancellation I've ever experienced. I was elated to find out a Venture Bros movie is being produced for HBO Max earlier this year. It deserves an ending worthy of it's lead up. I'm gonna go watch an episode right now.

P.S. The Intangible Fancy and Sri Lankan Devil Bird are both villains from the show.

Is this image from that show?
Yes. Pretty sure the two lower arms are all costume.
Okay then, what does TIF look like then?
The Intangible Fancy
In summation:

1. The Venture Bros.
2. Adventure Time
3. Archer
4. Futurama
5. Red Vs Blue
6. Cowboy Bebop
7. Bob's Burgers
8. Scooby Doo, Where are you?
9. The Simpsons
10. Samurai Champloo
11. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
12. Castlevania
13. Space Ghost Coast to Coast
14. Lucy Daughter of the Devil
15. RWBY
16. Home Movies
17. Pirates of Dark Water
18. Trigun
19. Over the Garden Wall
20. Sealab 2021
21. New Adventure of Winnie the Pooh
22. Dexter's Laboratory
23. Rick and Morty
24. Harley Quinn
25. Sonic
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