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I enjoyed the first one and recently bought and beat the second one. In my opinion Dead Space 2 was a huge improvement over the first game. What are your opinions on either game?
I just picked up the second one yesterday, only got to the second save station because I was about to pass out from my cold and/or cold medicine, off to go play it now.
I hope you enjoy it. I'm glad they finally gave Isaac a voice and personality.
I'm interested in it, but I'm not very good at playing horror games. I always end up dying when something startels me, because I jerk the controller. This often causes me to run into the monster that startled me in the first place.
I was going to buy Dead Space off of my friend for ten dollars before I realised that my computer doesn't meet the minimum system requirements for it, so I can't see myself playing it or the sequel any time soon :/
^ I'm sorry, Hob. :/

That's all part of it, Joe. I get startled playing the game all the time and it sometimes messes me up, but at some point while playing most horror games you get to a point where you can be startled or scared shitless and still manage to survive. That's one of the things that makes them so fun to play.
Does the 360 version come with Dead Space: Extraction? (Prequel to the first one that I think was released on the Wii)
No, did the PS3 version come with it?
Yes it does, or at least mine does. Not sure if it has it because it is the "signature edition" or because "Contains content only available to Playstation" which it says on the top of the case.
Hmm, no idea.

I have a Wii and a friend with the other game so I'm not really that worried about it.
I personally thought the first one was overall scarier (and it had a satisfying last boss). However, I liked the over all game play of the second one a lot more, and I have to admit the first ten minutes on the Ishumura on the second one was the best anxiety rush I've ever had from a survival game. And it had one of my favorite video game quotes of all time:

Ellie: They're swarming in through a hole in the Medical Deck. At least you won't have to go through there.
Intercom: Unexpected obstruction ahead. Shutting down. Welcome to the Medical Deck.
Isaac: Crap."

Of course, I might've only really liked that because the medical deck in the first game sucked balls and I was so happy to skip it x.x
I'm looking forward to when I get my hands on it.
Once I get my 360 back I'm going to ask a friend of mine to lend me his copy.
Thread resurrection!
I just bought the first Dead Space on Steam for $3.75. Now, all I need to do is wait a couple of months to buy a computer that can actually play it ;_;
My friend just did that sort of thing today! Except the software in question was with a DJ mix board program... And he paid $900... Eh, he'll live.

I got Dead Space for iPod; I like it quite a bit. Very smooth, very visually pleasing
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