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Anyone here play? I know guyguy does, but I'd be pretty interested in playing with you guys. I'm a mostly casual player, last time I tried ranked I had to leave early half of the matches and just did badly the other half and got copper 1 lmao
I love this game.

Who do you main on offense and defense?
When on offense, I usually play either Fuze or IQ. On defense, I play Rook and Frost. I love fuze a lot bc i can both use a shield and be able to clear a room, plus one taps on heads are amazing with the pistol. IQ is just fun because I get to use grenades and help out my team. Rook and Frost are just fun because ACOg and traps!
Yeah, this games great, i usually play Finka or Zofia on offense. On defense, I usually play Vigil or Kapkan.
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