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I'd hope they'd include them, but I seriously doubt I'll watch it either way.
#5 Red Vs Blue (2003-Present)

Don't know if a web series should count, but it's my list. A show that should absolutely not be anywhere near as good as it is. RvB has some of the funniest conversations ever put on screen, orgininally just using Halo multiplayer to film. Jokes come faster than almost any show I've seen. There's also a big heart under the jokes. Love it.
You ever wonder why we're here?
It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it?
#4 Futurama (1999-2013)

10 years ago Futurama would have been my number one. I'd watch the odd episode with my dad when they were airing, but I didn't really watch them all until high school or college when they would air on Adult Swim. Futurama's always connected with me more than the Simpsons ever did. Original and hilarious and at times soul crushing. Jurassic Bark remains to this day the most heartbreaking television episode I've ever seen. Thinking about it makes my eyes well up. That's pretty impressive for a show about a moron who got sent to the future. It's a truly special show.
I'd agree with you on Jurassic Bark
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