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Debating buying New World. Anybody played it?

From what I've heard it's an absolute cluster fuck of a game but that idea may be outdated.

And I've never played it so who knows. Still don't like that it's made by Amazon though.

Edit: Steam reviews are at a nice roughly 50/50 mix of good and bad.
It's made by Amazon? Weird.
Amazon Games Studios.


Powering Manipulation
Mcc removed genders. Now its Light armor and heavy armor, not male and female. Many people are supportive, some are against, and it seems like a decent effort for 343 to change the game to modern times. I don't really care what they do as long as it's a good game in the end. What do y'all think?
It's nice not to gender-lock that so any and everyone can feel included. The best FPS titles let you feel like you're really immersed
splatoon 3 did the same and i think thats great
Lots of Nintendo games are doing away with gender options at all - now it's your "style" eh
Yeah I think it's kinda cool

But 9/10 OG things are better left unmodified

Let's hope this is the tenth
I like change when it's good, which isn't often. Fixing restrictive binary gender choices in interactive media? That's hella good
Giving people more flexibility in how their characters present and identify is almost always a good thing.
Monster Hunter Rise just came out with a demo for their PC port, slated for release Jan 12th. Looks like I'll have some hunting to do in the new year.
eriophora said:
Giving people more flexibility in how their characters present and identify is almost always a good thing.

BuT tHeYRE foRcInG aN AgEndA!!!!
Everything's pushing a message yknow. People should just admit if they're bigots, so folks will know to avoid them.
To be honest I don't really care
To me its like changing the name of black pants to really really dark gray
It's the same, but with a different name
Well no. The color of someone's pants doesn't determine whether they are comfy in their own skin.
Y'all. This is the video game thread.

Anyways, thanks to Sya, I finally have Java! Need to get used to the controls, but I'm glad I have it.
Nice! Java is the best edition.
hooray ebag

play with me, won't you?
I might be able to after lunch. Today's the last day for finals, so I get out a little after noon.

Edit: Or any time after that. Fridays are best day.
Nice man! I'd get online but the rivalry game is tonight
Any Genshin players here?
i wish i did
I keep hearing about that game, what actually is it?
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