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Alaska's flag is a beauty. Not bland at all. So simple yet so much symbolism.

Hawaii needs some creativity though. Flag is a bit addicted to the British.
To be honest, I agree with everything you just said. Alaska's fine, maybe I'm just conditioned to not like randomly placed stars on flags (I'm not a big fan of Brazil's stars, sorry)

And yeah, Hawaii needs a bit of an update. British watermark needs to go.
I like Alaska. There are some weird fucking flags in the US. I looked at the Canadian ones. They are so bloody British.
Well, of course they are. Newfoundland and Labrador just have a variation of the Union Jack.

Maybe Canada wants to keep it historical.
After all, their head of state is still Elizabeth II.
I imagine we simply don't care much. What's the need to change it? Whatever.

Can somebody explain why the Hawaii flag has the Union Jack in it?
When Hawaii was an independent kingdom, it used to hang out with the British. They got given a British Ensign as a gift, and they didn't have a flag so they started using it. Hawaii isn't in any rush to change it, because it never asked to be part of the US, the US just invaded it. So being the only US state with a Union Jack is kind of a middle-finger.
I wonder why Europe likes tri-banded flags and most of the rest of the world doesn't use them.
There are a plethora of tricolor flags elsewhere. Most of the Middle East uses them in some form, plenty in Africa and the Americas, too. See flags like Egypt, Jordan, Venezuela, Cameroon, Chad, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and then there's less traditional ones like Canada, Argentina, Lebanon, etc.
I see. I meant that most of them don't have symbols on them in Europe.
Italy used to have one with a symbol. Hungary too. Some have one still, like Slovakia, and Croatia.
I see. There's still a lot in Europe, though, isn't there?
I'd say not significantly more than the rest of the world. There are plenty of European countries like Albania, Portugal, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, all of the Nordics, Greece, Georgia, etc. that are not tricolors. Poland, Belarus, Turkey, just off the top of my head.
Hey y'all. So, I've made a poll, and have decided to make a Marxist Anarchist Flag for the communist anarchists on Twocans, because people agree that this is what they want to see.

I will post it shortly.

As for the hints of communism in the flag, should I add a hammer and sickle, or a star?
Update: Here is a rough draft. Do not see it as a final version. Please give suggestions.

(the flag will show up when i figure out this image system)

Update: Ah, screw it. I'll just send it to anyone who asks.
You don't copy the link in the address bar. You click into the page where you can send the image to others or delete the image. Then you right-click on the image itself. Click Copy Image Address. The link should include the words "uploads" and "drawn" and also "png"


I like how it's going. Switch the red and black because you really need more red to be communist-themed. Oh and make a rectangular flag.
Okay, you got it.

Rough drafts are messy.
Here's another attempt (if the flag will post properly):

That’s a weird sickle.
Certain shapes are hard with only 32 x 32 pixels, sorry.
The big thing that really ticks me off is that the thing is off-center.
I'm gonna be working on that every day. Trust me. I think I made a dumpster fire of a flag too.
W_Licky said:
It does look nice, but under the rules of vexillology, it's mediocre at best.

The rules are more like guidelines. If it works well, even if it doesn't follow all the rules, then it's still good.
Not all U.S. state flags are bad.

I'm a big fan of Colorado, New Mexico, and Maryland.

But I cannot say the same for Oregon, Washington, the older flag for Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

Also, Alabama and Alaska are a bit bland, but I do still like them.

I'd hate to admit it, but the flag of Rhode Island is really nice as well. People make fun of me for liking it sometimes. I hope they don't ever change it.

Ohio's is really good too.
Now that you mention it, Germany's flag's colors make up 75% of the colors in the Maryland flag.
That's just a coincidence.

Why does Maryland's flag look like that?
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