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Also learning the Sober riff. I need to get better at muting. Did Paul D'Amour do palm muting or something else? Also how to get better at muting?
If theres a vid of them playing sober i can tell you, otherwise idk
Justin Chancellor probably plays it the same way as him, right?
Kitten genocide I know. I'm practicing bass. Practicing Forty Six & 2. It has this quick little jump at some time near the end of the main riff that goes to a farther up position and immediately back down. How do I get better at doing that quick? It might be easier if it didn't last less than half a second and was a quick little 12 to 11 in the tab.
Practice with a metronome, start at slower speeds until you can get it right about 5 times in a row. Then, move it up five clicks. Do the same thing. Keep going until you reach the actual tempo.

It takes a while but it works.
Agreed on that part, but I'd maybe go even slower than 5 clicks - maybe 2-3 clicks would be better. Muscle memory is usually the best way for getting those long jumps smoother. If you can reliably get close without having to think, then you can spend the rest of that time thinking only about the landing instead of the distance (or if you've got the landing too, you can think about the musicality instead).
i learnt to play the ph intro on drums so im officially cooler than all of you
What's ph?
potential of hydrogen
Huh. Cool.
Hello drum people. I am one of you now. Do you wear earplugs all the time?

also happy birthday to dev
Hiiii idk if being in drumline makes me "drum people" but I never wear earplugs lol
How loud do the drumline drums get?
l o u d
As in, they can get as loud as your average drumkit?
If we're all playing, yes, if not louder. We're not even particularly big but still it gets real loud, especially when our snare starts hitting rim shots. Those of us on bass drum tend to get in trouble for being too loud lol

When we're outside it's not as noisy, but in the stands we're all very close together. Once I was next to the cymbals. That was pretty rough lol
Lol I think I'll wear earplugs thanks.

Anyway, what songs are you all currently putting a lot of time into learning, be it on your own accord or for your teacher? I'm doing Tom Sawyer.

Edit: Three hours later and now I am done with Tom Sawyer and onto fucking Rio by Duran Duran. What the hell why is it so fast. Ehhhhhh. At least I'm having fun.
I have been learning the sax solo from Believe by Teminite for quite a few months now. It has been kinda on the backburner for a while now. It is by far the hardest song I have learned. I can currently play about 1/2-2/3 of it at full tempo.
I need help. I'm learning Shake Hands With Beef, right? I can't do the thing where Les moves his hand really fast and makes that percussion-y sound. I know everyone who plays bass here is ten times better than I am, so do any of you have tips to improve my hand strength other than "practice lol"? This is just something I feel like my hand isn't used to yet and I don't even know if I am doing it right.
Eh. It's been a week.

Some of y'all have drumkits right? Got any wacky pieces? Like uhh just the stuff you wouldn't regularly see on an average beginner-ish kit. Wood blocks, cowbells, splashes, anything like that?
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