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So SPERG is pretty cool because some perks occur automatically when you level skills, so you don't have to forego advancing light armour despite levelling it to hell, and all perk bonuses are purely tied to level rather than the (0/5) system in vanilla.
Ordinator doesn't do the auto perks thing, but add a lot of perks into each tree and gets rid of all the 0/5 perks that are just passive bonuses. A few things that I like about Ordinator is that there is a branch of the Speech tree dedicated to Shouts, unarmed combat got a branch in the Light Armor tree, and you can create dwarven auto-cannons with the Smithing tree.
I really like the passive perks system. I hate that I have to randomly choose them, and heaven help you after level 35 where getting a perk involves trying to level a skill you neglected for too long. Suddenly you have to try boost your illusion and restoration from 15 against freakin ancient dragons and Draugr overlords.
I've never had that problem. I've gotten characters into the 70's without having to level skills I didn't want to use.
Shit, I only dream of getting a character levelled that high. I usually start a new one up before I even finish what I wanted to do on the first one.
I think my original 360 save was in the 80s, having done all the major questlines and DLC.
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