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I know it’s not tf2 but does anyone play r6s?
I don't.
Me neither
Still need to get a group together for MvM.
Want to do it this week? It's Christmas break, so almost anytime would do for me.
Look me up on Discord: Ekra Fleetfoot#2087
I play r6!!!!!!!!
for some reason my game always crashes

What is R6?
Rainbow Six is a series of games

They probably are referencing Rainbow 6 siege tho., Link if you're interested in reading about it
I've heard of Rainbow Six, just never heard/seen that contraction for it.
oh my god its so much fun and its so hardddd
yeah its pretty fun
>Didn't log in soon enough to get a damn smissmas stocking
>TCAS tf2 thread has been jacked by a fuckin Tom Clancy game.
I love that you got the green dot after simulating greentext
oh no

dont go there
Are people still mad over the changes to the Ambassador?
I'm very glad about the amby changes. Spy sniper was a bit too BS for my taste
Yeah, but I still get randomly headshot, and it's pretty infuriating if they know how to aim
i like the nerf.

I dont like the nerf on the dead ringer however, but it does make you think more.
I really like this weapon
I love the dead ringer nerf, I use it all the time now

I used it too much before the nerf, now I'm actually working on spy stuff
Lol c&d and the YER buff I would have thought was enough of a treat to preclude any work with spy. At all.
But the YER, DR, RTR, and Enforcer makes the best spy loadout
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