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Brendan said:
Did you do all the companion quests? Those are pretty good.

I've done ED-E's, Rex's, and Gannon's quests, I've tried all dialogue with Cass and got nowhere, and I've only been traveling with Raul. No other companions so far. (also i wish Joshua was a permanent companion)
Dude. Veronica from the 188 trading post is the fucking queen.
Kinda blew up the brotherhood...
But Felicia Day! How could you not be traveling around with Felicia Day?
By blowing up the Brotherhood, you kinda screw yourself out of Veronica. She just attacks you if you talk to her and you say you did the deed.

My suggestion is: Go Everywhere.
You can actually keep Veronica as a companion, you just have to already be revered by the Brotherhood before you blow them up. I think you might also have to avoid certain conversation options. Cass has a similar cop out where she won't leave you for being evil as long as you don't talk to her.
Bent said:
Anybody play through the add-on? Gold bars weigh 35.00 whatever weight system is used... I took ten minutes trying to take them all, when I realized I didn't need them...

In regards to the gold bars in the dead money DLC, there is a way to get all of them and get out. you have to hide behind this one thing while father Elijah walks in. Watch this: you don't have to kill him just walk away, i recommend a stealth boy
How about that Fallout 76? What are everyone's thoughts about that?
Not enough information to form a cohesive opinion.

All we know is that it (likely) takes place in West Virginia in October of 2102.

According to lore, Vault 76 was one of Vault-Tec's control vaults; it was set up in accordance to the adverts that Vault-Tec put out before the Great War: 500 occupants, living inside for 20 years.

But, 76 remained sealed for just a hair over 25 years, if the alarm clock in the teaser is anything to go off of.
Brendan said:
How about that Fallout 76? What are everyone's thoughts about that?

Yeah there’s not enough info on it to make a full opinion, but I think it might just be a side game. I really hope it’s a fully fledged game but they keep hinting at doing new things with it. All we can do is wait for E3
It's way too soon for a fully fledged Fallout, unless they passed it to another studio like with New Vegas.
The trailer indicates nothing of the sort; this one appears to have been developed in house.
Sounds like it's a full game, "4 times bigger than fallout 4."
It's online only.

They're putting multiplayer in my singleplayer.

I don't know how to feel about this. Yes, I know you can go through solo, and I plan to if I get it, but still: Online only.
I haven't had a console without constant internet connection since... 2003? So a requirement to be online doesn't bother me none. Now, if "online-only" means "there's no way to avoid CowPuncher4213 from showing up in my game," then I'm not a fan.
The quote everyone is (understandably) worried about is "every human you encounter is another player" implying that, not only is there no way to play offline, there are no NPCs PERIOD. We'll see if that actually ends up being true but that's the big worry right now. That, and they've said that there are nukes that others can take control of that allow you to nuke other people and their stuff.

EDIT: Just checked the Fallout subreddit. Todd Howard livestreamed an interview. Confirmed: no offline, no NPC's, moddable lobbies coming after launch.
The more I read, the less I like.
Eh. It's just a Fallout spin-off game. I definitely don't mind it, and I'll probably play on a private server with friends.
Wormwood said:
The quote everyone is (understandably) worried about is "every human you encounter is another player" implying that, not only is there no way to play offline, there are no NPCs PERIOD.

oh that sounds horrid
I had enough of Rust-style gameplay from Rust. Don't need Todd Howard ruining the Fallout fanbase too.
Gameplay wise it seems more like Ark sans the taming than Rust. There's lots of non-humanoid enemies.
The humanoid enemies we fight aren't going to be "human" raiders, apparently. They're going to be Ghouls called The Scorched. Apparently, they didn't want people trying to figure out if the human enemy in the distance was a player or NPC so they just made them ghouls.
Reviving this thread because the Beta test/release of 76 is nearing. Anyone have any thoughts?

I personally don't think I'm going to buy any of the special editions of the game, just the normal edition, because I think I'll probably stick more to FO : 4 and FO : NV to be honest, but we'll see.

I think the lack of V.A.T.S and the ability to use the pip-boy to take time to think strategically may subtract from the overall gameplay, but I might rally up a few of my friends to check things out/act as support troops.

Also, they've removed Jet. A little iffy on that, but I never really depended too much on it, except when fighting things like Deathclaws or Sentry Bots.

Also that new weapon "degradation" mechanic may screw things up for me, but I'll wait 'till I can get my hands on it
I can't say I'm terribly enthused about how much they're pushing the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Jet just used to give an AP boost; the jet we know today has more in common with New Vegas' "Turbo", which slows time.

Weapon degradation isn't new; they used it in 3 and New Vegas. It just wasn't as big of an obstacle in Vegas due to the ability to make repair kits.
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