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Hello I'll just say my name is Pelon, my life has gotten a little boring so I want to hear about some scary "real" stories. Anybody have any?
This one time, I was diggin’ some crunchy red hot cheetos and mountain dew, so I went to my pantry... and they were all gone. One of the scariest sights to behold.
Hi Pelon. Welcome to the forum, and dibs on your soul.
Alright, this is going to be kinda long, but here it goes.

So one Thanksgiving, my huge family all came together for a big family reunion at my grandparents' cabin in Wyoming. There were cousins that I had not seen for a while. After dinner, rather than being tired, my cousins and I were full of energy. So we decided to play hide-and-go-seek. The cabin had three floors, and the hider could hide on any floor. We started on top and worked out way down. Finally, we were in the basement. We had explored the bathroom, laundry room, and the guest room. We were checking out the bit around the fireplace. Suddenly, some plywood that was leaning against the wall banged against it, as if someone grabbed it and threw it against the wall. My cousins and I checked behind it, and no one was there. No one had been near the board. Freaked out, we rushed up the stairs, and tried looking for the hider somewhere else. We couldn't find her. We reluctantly went back to the basement. She was nowhere to be found. As we went back up the stairs, we saw the guest door open a crack, and two eyes were looking at us. We ran back up the stairs. My cousin who was the hider was deaf, so we could not call out to her. Eventually, she came out on her own. She explained via sign language that she had been hiding in the guest room closet. She had not left it until she came out. She never touched anything except the things in the closet. The scary thing was that we had checked that closet numerous times. We even took out all the clothes. It had been completely empty every time.
Vampire fluitest, your good!
One time I was in the woods with a crazy heat-lightning storm (like a strobe light going off, but with no thunder), and there was unidentifiable xylophone music coming from somewhere. That was pretty spooky.
The music was in a major key, though, so I wasn't too scared.
Not really scary but kinda weird and creepy idk
My 3 y/o sister has a "friend" of some kind who she keeps calling Korra.
She cut her hair sometime near the end of last month and she claims Korra did it not her. Around that time my stepmom took my sisters to the lake and [Sadie] almost drowned. Then a few days ago she told me Korra was pulling her into the water or something. My dad and I were talking about Korra earlier, Sadie was there and she suddenly screamed "GO AWAY" to the air next to her. And when my dad asked her what she was talking about she said "Nothing :)" and ran out of the room. My dad has a few theories but I don't feel like sharing them right now lol sorry
When I fall asleep before I turn off the lights, my brother "checks on me" in the middle of the night to make sure I'm asleep. In the morning, he scolds me for leaving on the light, but doesn't turn it off when he has the chance. I can tell us comes in because he leaves the door open a smidge. I have a feeling that he does more than "check on me". He also does this during the day, and I have seen objects once in my room now in their (twin brothers) room or in their possession. I'm really angry at him, but creeped out when he does it at night.
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