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Everyone wants to know everyone's personal details. Why don't we just put it all in one place?
Name: mariokirby46
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: boy
Political party: PAP
Hobby/hobbies: Watching youtube, playing video games
Ha! Dibs on your sou- oh wait.

Name: Poodonkus913/Ethan
Age: 13
Sexual orientation: not sure to be fully honest
Political party: whatever's needed at the time
Hobbies: video editing, this place
Name : Kylljoy / Kyle
Age : 15
Gender : Male
Sexual Orientation : Asexual (But not aromantic?)
Political Party : Center, Leaning Left
Hobbies : Pick something, I probably do it (badly)
Name : Mr. Scoggles
Age : 31
Gender : Male
Sexual Orientation : Str**ght
Political Party : Socialist
Hobbies : Existential dread
Name: oni-ni-kanaboh
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Orientation: Hetero
Political affiliation: Democratic Socialist
Hobbies: Tabletop gaming, writing
Name: Antimony Pentafluoride
Age: 23
Gender: Dude
Sexual orientation: The F Word and damn proud of it
Political party: As long as there’s hookers
Hobbies: Gardening and chemistry. Biology. Turns out you can make a hobby out of interests. hiking through swamps.

Oh and fighting with friends is fun sometimes too. You know, above the belt, no kicking, no neck, no shirt grabbing, no face, no back, and don’t do it if you’re upset about something.

Now I understand why Blink182 wrote “What’s My Age Again?”.
Name: Coldfrost (or Frosty)
Age: 22
Gender: Behold, the field in which I grow my genders. Lay thine eyes upon it and thou shalt see that it is barren.
Orientation: Ace (but panromantic)
Political affiliation: Democratic Socialism FTW
Hobbies: Playing music, canoeing, walking to the middle of nowhere and back out again with a 30 pound pack on, suffering, water bottle wrestling.

The rules to Brazilian Water Bottle Wrestling: Get a 1L nalgene (other bottle types are okay, but not regulation). Fill it one third to one half full of water. The two contestants meet in the middle and shake hands, then the match begins. The objective of the game is to cause the other person to knock over the water bottle. Pulling, pushing, carrying, and grabbing someone's limb (or face) and knocking over the bottle with it are all permitted. No punching, hair pulling, or groin shots. Look after each other. No cheap tricks on the starting handshake. No ties allowed.
Woah that sounds like a really fun game. So like, just knock the bottle out of their hands? Or are they guarding a bottle of water that’s standing up on their side of the line? Lol, we punch each other. We’ve allowed kicking before as long as it’s not in the shins or balls. Or above the belt. Like if you want to literally kick someone’s ass - that’s allowed. I feel like a aveman considering you guys have an actual game with rules.
Water bottle is on the ground, forgot that critical part. You're each trying to make the other knock it over, while trying not to knock it over yourself.
I have a video of some of my friends doing it, I'll put it on the Telegram if people want.
Totally do. I need to introduce this to my kinda stagnant friends.
Name: Christine
Age: 24
Gender: woman/agender/just not all that invested in gender but may as well identify as a woman because it's easy socially.
Sexual orientation: pan but mostly interested in men.
Political party: US democrat, I suppose
Hobby/hobbies: reading, vidya games, houseplants, international travel
Name: ecr674
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: I usually say bi, but I'll try pretty much anything once
Political party: None, Bernie seemed cool?
Hobby/hobbies: singing (classical choral/barbershop), watching youtube, gaming, occasional world travel
Let's add another question, would you like to be a child forever?
Name: Olivia
Age: 25
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: heterosexual
Political party: None? I vote for Equality and Peace? But when I realize there’s nothing I can do, I just lock myself in my home, or go on a hike, and pretend the world isn’t out there killing itself.
Hobby/hobbies: Long distance hiking. Reading. Thinking/worrying too much.
Child forever: That’ll be a strong “no”.
Name: Boldt
Age: 13
Gender: Nonbinary/Genderqueer/Libranonbinary if you want to be specific
Sexual Orientation: Probably aro ace
Political party: Yeah I'm an ancom. Out of the US parties, probably either Democrat when they have Bernie-esque candidates or Green based on just party values.
Hobby/hobbies: Brass, singing, learning, interneting (particularly discord, youtube, reddit, and twocans), talking with friends, having fun.
Child forever: Yeah how about no.
Let's add another question, would you like to be a child forever?
I really appreciate having skin that can’t be perforated by a pointy leaf. Vocal cords that work right are nice too.

A child’s body weight is nothing though, and that would make medications cheaper. Still though; skin that isn’t made of paper, working vocal cords, driving, being able to buy alcohol (easily and legally), having actual coordination, organs that don’t poop out on you (lol), and... every single thing about not being a child. We gon’ die though, nothing we can do about that. Organs will eventually poop out on you again. But you can get drunk!
Yeah, childhood wasn't much less stressful than now, and at least now I have autonomy and deep, meaningful interpersonal relationships and can do physically rigorous activities.
Hetero Cis American Male
Political Affiliation: Chaotic Evil
Hobbies: Problem drinking, shitslinging, Planetside 2, youtube binges, taking supermassive toilet annihilating craps on company time.
I wouldn't mind being able to redo childhood with my current knowledge/experience, but I definitely wouldn't do the childhood thing forever. I didn't really enjoy childhood much.
Sundog said:
Hobbies: Problem drinking, shitslinging, Planetside 2, youtube binges, taking supermassive toilet annihilating craps on company time.

Don't forget encouraging people to grab that ass.
I had a rough childhood; the more I look back on it, even if I did have all of my collected life's experience, I don't think I'd want to go back through it. Seeing all of that play out again, and being unable to do anything about it for a second time?

No. I couldn't go through that again.
Name: #vampireflutist
Age: currently 14
Gender: boi
Sexuality: Pokemon
Political party: none
Hobbies: listening to music, playing music, video games, and long YouTube binges.
Child forever: not sure. Adulthood sounds scary and being a kid is nice, but I kinda look forward to being an adult.
Name: Skinkan bakverk (Thats Swedish btw)
Age: ∞?
Gender: N/A
Sexuality: N/A
Political Party: Communism
Hobbies: Existing
Child Forever: N/A

The first person to ever use super glue did so trying to make clear gun sights for WWII.
Name: Hazel
Age: 17
Gender: NB
Sexuality: Bi but mostly girls
Political Party: whoever's pushing for at least social democracy
Hobbies: Music (playing/writing), procrastinating, a few video games, youtube, and some other stuff too.
Child Forever: Uhh no thanks
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