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Name: NightWeaver64
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight, considering bi
Political party: Communism
Hobby/hobbies: Gaming, watching youtube, playing the viola, learning science, sleeping, TC&S
Child forever: No
Alright then.

Name:Mattpal/ Matthew
Age: 14
Gender: Boy
Sexual orientation: straight
Political party: I really don't know
Hobby/hobbies: playing games, playing French horn and card stacking.
Child forever: Yes
Greetings, Matpal, dibs on your soul.
Name: Max
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuality: 100% Straight
Party: Strong Republican. Trump/Pence 2020
Hobbies: Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Gaming, YouTubing, TCaS
Child forever: Hellll nah
Name: privateinspectorkidd (pik)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: ???
Politics: Uninvolved with a somewhat more liberal outlook.
Hobbies: Traditional art, passive researching and general concept-creating, chronic procrastination.
Child Forever?: I guess it's comforting to be wrapped in innocent oblivion for eternity but the potential implications are vast. It's not for me.
Just gonna refresh mine just because.

Name: Poodonkus913/Ethan
Age: 15
Sexual orientation: Pansexual (Taken <3)
Political party: I hate picking a side but my views align with a liberal's in most cases
Hobbies: video editing, this place
Child forever: Nah, I wanna grow up
Zia said:
Name: Christine
Age: 24
Gender: woman/agender/just not all that invested in gender but may as well identify as a woman because it's easy socially.
Sexual orientation: pan but mostly interested in men.
Political party: US democrat, I suppose
Hobby/hobbies: reading, vidya games, houseplants, international travel

Pretty much the same, but now I am twenty five and would add book blogging and bread making to my hobbies.
Name: Margaret
Age: 14-15 (has forgotten age)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ??? (maybe gay?)
Policalness: Could I not get involved?
Hobbies: Gaming, Listening to music, TwoCans, YouTube
Eternal Child?: YES. I like being weird, alright?
Name: Devin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: STRAIGHT
Policalness: nah
Hobbies: messaging people
Eternal Child?: i AM a child
Sure, if everyone else is updating theirs.

Name : Kyle
Age : 16
Gender : Male
Sexual Orientation : Asexual Panromantic
Political Party : Left, Leaning center (Though I'm usually fine with whoever so long as they're not violating human rights or running the country into the ground)
Hobbies : Pick something, I probably do it (badly)
Child Forever : How about no?
This is probably a bad idea but

Name: Kathryn
Age: 16
Gender: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Yes
Political Party: Left, very left
Hobbies: video games and reddit
Child Forever: I wouldn’t
Name: Gray
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Political Party: Left
Hobbies: Games (video, roleplaying and tabletop), reading, documentaries, aimless walking, running, occasional green leafy plant inhalation and physics
Child Forever: hahahahahaha nooooooo.
Name: Aurora Rose Jones
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: I look at the personality if that makes sense.
Political Party: Neutral? I don't usually partake in that particular cup of tea.
Hobbies: Video Games, ( Mostly Minecraft and Zelda but will try almost any game once) Reading, Long walks in the moon because I live near water and it's so pretty to see how it reflects off of the water.
Child Forever: Already am at heart and that's good enough for me.
Name: Gavin
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bi
Political party: Whatever makes the best promises
Hobby/hobbies: Video Games, Reading, Browsing The Web
Be A Child Forever: Yes, and No, Some Things Are Appealing, Others, Well Not So Much
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Name: Colin
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Political Party: Nah
Hobbies: Making pixel art bead creations, video games, piano, violin, ukulele
Child Forever: Child's a bit too long, maybe a bit older at least
Name: Andrew
Age: 14, almost 15
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: bi, i think.
Political party: democratic and TOO YOUNG TO VOTE!
Hobby/hobbies: Watching youtube, playing video games, and TwoCans.
child forever: i already am.
i just stole this from the kirbs. his hobbies match mine almost exactly.
Name: niceguy236 :))))
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: bi my gi
Political party: Centrist but also voting for Bernie?
Hobby/hobbies: Piano, trombone, poker, driving, Skyping, hanging with my gf, Blacklist, TwoCans.
Child Forever: Who....why...…

Edit: I didn't realize how dead this thread is.....whoops
Edit2: Wait nvm this has been going on for a while. WE GOOD
Name: aprzn
Age: 16
Gender: idk something nonbinary
Sexual orientation: I hate everyone equally
Political party: If the US had a major party left of the democrats, I would support them
Hobby/hobbies: Rhythm games
Child forever: nope

How does this thread keep going through the cycle of dying and being revived?
With the support of viewers like you.
helllo i'vve beeen registered for like
a year and a half

Name: Let's just go with titanlord237.
Age: the exact number of years it has been since the D of my B
Gender: Idiot
Sexual orientation: Perhaps.
Political party: Oof
Hobby/hobbies: Not unique, mostly unoriginal.
Child forever: now i personally believe that someone's opinion on this particular subject speaks very much to their quality of character. (JK IDK i'm just a kid)
Finishing notes: Subject to change
Current Status: Probably gonna leave the site soon. Though I've been unsuccessful in my previous attempts to do so.
Emotional State: Can't figure out if is socially awkward or not.
Current Date: 5/1/2020
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