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1)Horticultural term in the username,
It comes and goes. There used to be a lot of it. But yeah, it’s always annoying when they come around. Kinda funny though. Sure lemme get some discount knockoff Gucci hand bags.

Nah those people are fine, it’s just when it’s textblock plus 180 as all the contacts, that’s what let’s you know


Show yourself!!
How am I supposed to buy designer handbags without a link to their website?? Someone please help!
I bet a mod just banished the link to the shadow realm
Wow, that's horrible. I don't understand why the mod team would want to prevent users from such amazing deals on Prada. I feel so betrayed.

*dramatic sigh*

I guess I'll have to go find some questionable Chinese website on my own like a normal person. Alas.
Pssst conspiracy time, it's Antimony.
Gucci, prada, Louis vouttin
wax said:
Louis vouttin

Why buy Louis Vuitton if you can buy Louis Vouttin?

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