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It is I walking in
I’m a male (as the name suggests)
Black hair.
Anything else? (And my soul has already been sold...sorry for the inconvenience)
Since it can't hurt, I doubt you and claim your soul if it isn't
hey whats up its hannah. kinda awkward, kinda quirky. amateur poet and a photographer in the making.
Sup, Rose/Bell here.
Female, dark hair but super pale.
Art as a hobby and looking to eventually become a registered nurse.
Welcome to the site, or Forum rather, stranger...! :D

I do hope that you enjoy your time year, meet new people, and make a few friends along the way... :)
Hey there Notasthinkasyoudrunk1am and prettygreeneyes, welcome to the forum and dibs on your souls.
I'm curious why several people are all using the same intro thread instead of making their owns, but new people is new people so I won't complain.
Hi, I'm evergreen! Want some Real Belgian Passports Online?
kinda awkward, kinda quirky
kinda bold
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