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I don’t know why I go in circles. I come back to the world of two cans and then leave for some time. I really need to find a better habit with this site. Anyway, I back and no my soul isn’t here. No one can claim dibs. You can totally have it if you can find it.
It's been a month, so I assume your presence has left already. I'm just touring the forum. Have fun I guess
I think the soul meme is overhyped, but I might not think that if I could remember where it originated. Also, dibs on your soul.

Welcome (back) to the forum.
I think it sprung off of the "everyone is Qwaz" meme back in early TwoCans.
That makes sense, fellow Qwaz, I do remember who we are all ;)

I just don't remember how it tied into the soul dibs-ing.
I thought a long time ago there was like a church of someone or something. He was claiming souls, that and I think soph. Don’t quote me on that I don’t remember. I just wish the site was more active you know? Lol I would come on more often.
I didn't know "I'm back" threads were a thing... >.>

Welcome back, person who I may or may not have interacted with in the past... welcome back... ;)

I hope you have a wonderful New Year...!
Thank you! I appreciate the welcome back. I have come back a few times. I’m not a big user anymore. I use to frequent this site.
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