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Hello! Name is Molly. 38, female, independent, writer, sarcastic, funny (I hope), love history, 80's music/movies, and .... my soul?
Hi Molly, welcome to the madhouse.

Dibs on your soul. I promise I'll look after it.
Hey, I'm honored. Remember to wash it on delicate and cold water only. Otherwise it could shrink.
Welcome. It's not every day we get someone new.
Yeah that’s the truth. Welcome, if you like the forum, post often.
Not to sound desperate or anything, but please don't leave us. A lot of people join this site, stick around for a day or two, and never come back. It's getting kind of stale.

How'd you end up here?
Heh, well thanks. I'll stay. Pretty cool site. I was sent here by the "anonymous message server."
Hah that thing is awesome. Not too surprising you found two cans from there.
Whoa, so that's what the Vending Machine game looks like from the inside.
Anyway you sound like a pretty cool guy who posts on froums and doesn't afraid of anything, and we're happy to have you around.
Thanks! (I'm a women) but I'll take cool any day :)
(According to the Internet, you can be a woman and a pretty cool guy at the same time.)
Everyone is a dude.
Lol I stand corrected. :)
And while we're I'm memeing...
From The Rules:
On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog
Oh, that's a relief.