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My name is Callidus Locus. I am a game designer and writer on this website to play a game. My family are an interesting bunch. Very different from each other in every way but still one in the same. If you would like to play with me then you can find the clues. Hidden throughout this website it blooms. A story of ancient rights. A book of legend is being written you know. Are you in it? Or is it about you? I like games. I like them so much I make them. Twist people's mind. Puzzles and secrets hidden in plane sight. Although you may be more familiar with my son Vita. He is a very likable person among you mortals.
I am both intrigued, yet concerned. How long have you been hiding secrets on here? I think I remember seeing something in the ask section not to long ago. Any who, welcome!
At least 3-5 months I have been implanting hints and secrets into this realm. All will be reactivated so nothing is lost. Have fun
Throne of Terra! Callidus you say?
I’m having troubles find all these clues. Lol I have tried finding some but I can seem to see any. I’m not worthy.

With the exception you are using color reference. Joke is the color blue as well as your son’s name Vita.

Also when you refer to “me” as in yourself, it is pink and your last name is pink.
this seems fun
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