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I never actually made one of these threads. So, I suppose I'll make one now for my 1001st post. Here's my information dump that I've never actually posted anywhere.

Hi. My name is Kylljoy, though I'll also accept Killjoy. I pretty much do everything as a hobby, including programming, vidya games, and most of the arts, though my skill in each varies. My soul is currently claimed by Hamtart. Send me messages if you want to chat, though I'll probably ignore them. I'm currently a Sophmore in High school and I plan to major in C.S. in college. I program in a variety of languages, including Python, C/++, Java, and PHP; I've also designed a semi-functional 4-bit processor from scratch, though I don't plan to build it. I do FRC Robotics with Team 6036, I'm the one in the chicken hat. My previous projects portfolio I somewhat small (Mostly because I can never stick with projects, and what I have worked on is not easily put in a link), but I did work for my team's website and I also have a demo for a joke social media site I made, and I've been juggling with the idea of creating some form of video game.I spend most of my time on this site in Forum Games, though I may pop in other areas to say hi or piss people off. I may come off as a bit abrasive and brash, so sorry in advance.

Hope to work together with all of 'yalls in some capacity in the future
  • Kylljoy

EDIT : Oh, by the way, I also wanted to add that this milestone feels really special to me because I avoided posting in "spammy games" like gender race where you rack up a post count really quickly, meaning that each most of my 1001 posts were thought-out responses.
Kylljoy said:
I program in a variety of languages, including Python, C/++, Java, and PHP;
Blake would probably love you adding Crayon to that list.
I've been looking at it for a while now, and I'm still debating whether or not I want to. It probably wouldn't be too high of a learning curve. I do most of my programming on a light and portable chromebook running Ubuntu, which crayon doesn't currently support, so I don't think it would be worth it purely from a standpoint of the amount of time I could put in. But who knows? Maybe I'll do some work with it over the summer.

EDIT : Also, I just don't have any good ideas for 2D games, but I suppose something might come up.

Welcome to the forums!
I'd like to point out that I only responded to that because gws's post intrigued me.
Yes base-3.
From Tom Lehrer:
But don't worry; base eight is just like base ten...if you're missing two fingers.

Coldfrost said:
Blake would probably love you adding Crayon to that list.
He'd probably love you adding Crayon to your own list.
For my own part I've got a game ready to port probably and add to the Games page, so that'll be fun to get around to.
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